3 Reasons To Start Downloading FLAC & HD Music Right Now

Over the last several years, the vast majority of people buying and collecting movies and TV shows are opting for a collection of high definition (HD) files over standard definition (SD).  The reason is quite simple: the HD picture quality is far superior to that of an SD picture.  While the majority of people are making the leap in quality when it comes to video, most people are still collecting music in the lower quality MP3 (Lossy) format.  So, isn’t it time to start downloading and listening to FLAC music files and other high quality (Lossless) music?  We at VOX believe so and have three good reasons music lovers should make the leap from MP3 to FLAC, WAV, AIFF and other HD music file formats RIGHT NOW.

1. File Storage For Everyone - when MP3 file compression technology was created in the 1990s, it was revolutionary because most people had computers with very limited storage space.  Adding a couple of albums in WAV format to your hard drive could mean utilizing nearly all your storage space.  MP3s allowed you to keep 10 times as many songs for the same amount of space.  Fast-forward to today and everyone has access to tons of storage space.  From portable hard drives to the cloud, anyone can obtain (and keep adding) as much storage as they would need, for a very minimal price.

2. Advancement in Speaker & Headphone Technology – yes, right now it may be difficult for the common person to distinguish the difference between an MP3 and FLAC file, but speaker and headphone technology is improving at an incredible pace.  Imagine how amazing speaker quality/technology will be in just 5 or 10 years!  It seems fairly certain that people continuing to collect MP3 music will be a lot like those who continued collecting standard DVDs after it became obvious Blu-Ray was the future.

3. Music As It Was Intended To Be Heard! – lossless formats like FLAC are preserving the data in the best quality possible.  In layman’s terms, it is like listening to the original recordings.  Moreover, 100 years from now, the file will still maintain the exact recording quality that the artist intended.  MP3 files are stripping out parts of the music file deemed irrelevant to the human ear, which results in noticeably lesser sound quality.  In the future, it most certainly will sound antiquated and poor.

Be sure to read How to Play FLAC Music Files on iPhone using WALTR – the first Mac OS X app in the World to upload MKV & FLAC files directly to iPhone/iPad for Native Playback. No additional iOS apps required.

If you would like to see for yourself and need a place to download HD music, check out HDTracks or this Guardian article listing several sources.  Join the HD music revolution and download your favorite album in FLAC format.  In 20 years you’ll be glad you did!