VOX still crashing for me


Checked back here a few times over the years for this issue:

I run VOX on an iPhone and a couple of iPads, which is a testament to how much I really want VOX to work, but it’s really frustrating. Doesn’t matter which device I’m on, VOX typically crashes after about a minute’s worth of play. Like, complete restart. It’ll usually sort itself out after a number of such crashes, but there doesn’t seem to be any fixed number, or any sense of exactly what makes the problem come back.

Some of my devices are still iOS 14, only one of them is iOS 15, so I don’t think it’s specific to the version of iOS. I’m mostly playing music from Soundcloud.

For example, just now, on the iOS 15 device that I have, I started VOX up and switched to Safari to type this. It crashed after a minute. I started VOX up again and switched back to Safari. It worked for a while. I switched back to VOX, then back to Safari, and VOX crashed again after a minute… In other tests, it doesn’t even matter if VOX is in the background. I’ve kept it in the foreground, screen on, and watched it crash after a short amount of play. Hard to tell what the actual trigger is…

If there’s any further feedback I can offer that might help in diagnosing this, please let me know. VOX would be my number one music player if it didn’t crash so often (and if I could sync all of my playlists across devices, but that’s for a different post… :wink:)


i’m experiencing the exact same thing.
it’s been an issue for years now with no fix in sight.
that along with the cash grab attempts ruined vox for me.


Thanks for your posts!

We are investigating this happening, and a couple of the scenarios that caused this have been fixed, however, seems like not all of them.

I would need to collect some details about your case, this information
will probably help our tech.team to reproduce this and get it finally fixed.

So questions to start with:

  • What VOX + OS versions are you referring to?
  • Do you have a local library or store your music in VOX Cloud? How big is the local library? Do you store your music in iTunes or in VOX app directly?
  • Do you use the streaming integrations, such as Spotify, SoundCloud, or Qobuz?

Looking forward to your reply to proceed with the troubleshooting.


I’m having this problem!!!
iOS 16.5 and it’s only when syncing with the internal iOS music library!
Happens constantly…
Please help.