VOX Universal Beta: Feedbacks


Thanks for your post!

Seems like some kind of an error has appeared during the update process since the most recent version is v0.7.29 and you should have been updated strait to it.

Please re-install the app completely. You can find the download fresh links below:

image image


VOX Universal still does not upload files for me. It never did on the previous version either. I also get error message ‘Failed to load some tracks from cloud’


Please let us know more about the files you are trying to upload, reach our tech. support desk https://vox.rocks/support to get some individual assistance on it.

As for the “‘Failed to load some tracks from the cloud” error, we would recommend to re-boot VOX Universal or re-login to the app using your VOX account!


Hey, I want to make VOX Universal as my default music player app on Windows 10, but in the settings it doesn’t give me that option.


VOX Universal Beta mac app will not launch.
it worked a few: times but after a few bulk uploads to will not launch…
message says:

The application “VOX Universal” can’t be opened.

I have already removed and reinstalled several times please advise without this tool the subscription is useless to me sorry to say


Yes, VOX Universal is going to be properly signed and notarized by the end of the beta testing sessions.

We will probably manage to make it happen even sooner, but not before we add offline playback capabilities.


What OS versions are you referring to?

Please try the following to make it work:

  • When you get the notification, press “Show in Finder”, you will be navigated to Applications.


  • Find VOX app in Applications and click with the right mouse button (Secondary Click) on the VOX app icon to open a context menu:
  • Click on “Open” in the context menu:

  • Now you will get another notification, similar to the first one, but with the “Open” option this time.
  • Click Open to start VOX app.

Looking forward to your results!


Hello, i just installed this beta version on a PC. How could i download to my local Hard drives the music already uploaded ?


For some reason the player wont continue where I left off on a track. It will indicate on slider bar that I’m at the time of the song I left off (ex. 2:30) but after pressing the play button it plays the song audio from the start and slider bar continues (ex. continues from 2:30 but plays the audio from 0:00).


Ok, so it seems like when ever I pause the song then unpause it, it starts the audio from the beginning but the slider continues where I left off.


Is there any update for the buggy Vox Universal 0.7.29? I’ve submitted issues to Vox Support, but haven’t heard any news…


VOX is dead mate you won’t hear a thing


As for now, you can download your content using VOX Music Player for macOS. Yes, we are considering adding the download feature to VOX Universal (beta) in future versions.


This one is already fixed and going to be included into the upcoming update, which is going to be released soon!


Please share some details about those bugs with us here, or share them with the support.

Once done, please wait for our tech.team to proceed.
They will definitely come back to you with a reply once some new information is available!


Support does not reply lol


Hey Vox: Long time customer here:

I’m not seeing any other notes on this, but with Mac OS Monterey upgrade VOX Player and Universal no longer works. Both apps crash during opening. New download of both VOX players do not install at all. I’ve already you sent a note to support, but to no one’s surprise, you have not responded.

I won’t hold my breath on getting one here anytime soon either. But in the meantime, I can no longer access my collection from my laptop nor can I add to it. Which kinda sucks.

Thanks for your help and let us know when you upload new versions to app store please.

Your disgruntled pal…



Features that need to be implemented:

  • Support for SoundCloud, Spotify, Qobuz

  • Tidal as an additional source for both iOS and Vox Universal (this is my main streaming service).

  • Full metadata editing, similar to iTunes (ID3 Tags).

I’ve yet to hear back regarding my subscription for over a month; or with me enquiring about the possibility of Tidal support. As you’ved added Qobuz, which is a similar service.

Vox, would be the perfect solution for me, due to Soundcloud support; however, Tidal’s my main streaming service, thus I haven’t used VOX for the past year.

Would it be possible for Tidal support? Also, to be included in your VOX universal client, along with SoundCloud (which is only available on the old app?)


Before implementing new features please fix the following bugs:

  • Occasionally, Vox player suddenly stops producing sound, although time marker is still moving. It is only possible to Force Quit Vox at this point, as nothing else helps. Below is the log from console:

  • When deleting an album, “Are you sure” dialog pops up with [x] Don’t show this warning again; even after marking the checkbox, the warning is always shown anyway

  • when switching search scope, for example from Albums to Tracks, searched text is lost, however automatically performing a search over already entered text in the selected scope would be such an improvement!

  • Is it possible to make it look like older Vox app?

Feature suggestions:

  • possibility to download albums/tracks

  • option to identify duplicate tracks/albums

  • add “ALL” or “GLOBAL” scope search mode, so Vox would be searching for text in tracks, albums and artists



Hello, I’ve recently encountered a problem which is the music always stopped when listening through speakers with my iPad. I’m using iPad pro 2021 version 15.3.
I always keep vox app up to date and connect my iPad to speakers via bluetooth or a cable. Please help me fix this issue. Thank you.