VOX Universal Beta: Feedbacks


Feature Requests: Option to Remove a Song from a Playlist would be convenient (rather than say having to delete the ENTIRE playlist and add everything again.
Some scalablity to the Window would be nice, I know some people really want the items in the catalogue to be bigger, but I would like to be able to make the window slim and the information condensed for playing music on the side of other applications similar to the layout of the Mac version of 2016 (or so I dont know if thats still around have since moved back to windows).


Just downloaded the app on my Macbook. This is going to be awesome. I now have no need for Apple Music, Deezer, or any of that nonsense on my laptop.

When this app comes out in its finished form…well…all I’ll be able to say is Hallelujah.

It would be great if there was an option to see more metadata (and an option to choose which to display).

In my case, I listen to a lot of Classical Music. I’d love to have a “Composer” Library view.
An option for a layout that looks like the attached JPG would be ideal (for me, at least).

Great job, guys!


A few requests:
–Like some other users, I have a lot of classical music. The ability to add a “composer” tag to the library view would help.
–Playlists display album covers, and can be organized by album (important for long playlists or artist-centred playlists)
–Drag-drop ability to add to playlists, rather than the more cumbersome current method
–Smart playlists
–Universal rather than album/artist only search
–As others have noted, there is a "“Artist with *** artist name *** already exists.” problem with editing metadata or even album covers.


Thanks for your posts and your contribution!

All your feature requests and critics are taken into account, we’ve added some new features from this topic to TO-DO already! It is great!

Also, we are really glad to see that mostly all requests are in line with what we have already been planning to do, which means that we are all looking in the right direction.

At the moment, VOX Team is working on fully-featured library editing tools, advanced search, UI improvements. You can expect all of these to be introduced in the upcoming update!

We are looking forward to having a new version released in the next weeks.

P.S. This topic is a REAL lighthouse for us while developing VOX Universal (beta), please don`t stop providing us with your guidance here!


Hi I notice there isn’t a way to locate where the music I add to the in via in the app’s files. It doesn’t say where the file is located in folders (e.g C:/user/Vox Universal/music-files). It would great to know where the files located and maybe have the ability to store them not in the same drive as the app but rather in another drive since many dont have huge storage spaces. Example: installing the app on SSD and having the music stored on HDD.


for now the universal app doesn’t have local playback… so there isn’t a location on your computer they are saved that can be located. (I assume this is so when it eventually finishes beta they can just remove the beta app’s unlimited access to their paid streaming service and you have to buy the app)


We are planning to introduce local library management before the beta is going to end.

After the final release, VOX Universal will become a part of the VOX Premium bundle and some features might be locked.


Looking forward to local playback! :+1:


Hi guys,

I just came across VOX by chance and hope that I have found the solution to my eternal suffering:

I want to

  • Have my music always with me and synced (playlists are all up to date)
  • Maintain playlists from anywhere (add or remove songs from playlists for example)
  • Play music on my Windows PC and macbook AIr (2020 M1) bitperfect and in exclusive/Hog Mode.

Will this be possible with the Windows client (Universal)? Is it even possible on macOS?

i used to back up my music locally and play it with Musicbee (windows) (FLACS in CD quality in WASAPI Exclusive Mode)

Then I heard about iTunes, Apple Music and LossLess and was happy to finally be able to maintain my playlists while driving.
But unfortunately I can’t get a bit-perfect and exclusive signal out of iTunes/Apple Music on either Windows or macOS.

Can VOX help me?



I just downloaded the player.

issues : It doesnt update the artwork consistently but not a big issue

  • but when I try to upload artwork it shows " Failed to Update: context deadline exceeded.

otherwise its perfect other than a few performence issues , but its in BETA so im fine with it.


Even i came from Musicbee which was perfect.Just came across this and wanted to try it


When are you planning on doing it ? any clue?


there is simply NO software that covers everything.
“everything” would be in that case:

  • ONE music library that stays in sync (likes, rating and playlists are synced everywhere) across multiple devices (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS).

  • The possibility to play music bitperfectly and in exclusive mode via Windows or MacOS.

  • The option to stream all tracks to mobile devices (so no need to carry your 1TB Music-Library in your phone) and save them offline if necessary (like spotify). Mobile devices do not have to be able to play lossless music (which is impossible to get out of a smartphone without accessories anyway).

Without exception, every player I have tried could not cover everything. iTunes/Apple Music, VOX, BRIO, roon, Plex, Audirvana, etc.

It always fails because either the clients can’t play bitperfect & exclusive or there is no synchronisation with mobile devices. (e.g. Plex can’t import and synchronise m3u playlists) or there are simply no clients for Windows & MacOS

It can’t be that difficult.