VOX Universal Beta: Feedbacks


Looks like on macOS Big Sur that the cloud sync is one-way between the VOX cloud through the VOX app and the VOX cloud through the VOX Universal app.

If I upload a track using the VOX app, it appears in VOX Universal instantly.
If I upload a track using VOX universal, it never shows up in the VOX app.

EDIT: If I delete a track in Universal that was uploaded through the VOX app, then that deletion carries over to the cloud and to the app.


Do you notice that albums or EPs upload with no issues however when it’s a single track it’s really temperamental? It’s just took my half an hour for a single track to finally stay in the library and not disappear after the upload!!


Universal did that at first.
I fixed it by quitting everything VOX and then shutting down my MacBook. (Not a restart, a shutdown).
I waited about 5 minutes, restarted the MacBook, restarted Universal, and the uploads proceeded quickly and normally after that, except for the part about not syncing with the macOS VOX app.


Damn. I’ve been having issues with uploading since September last year. I can get tracks to upload but sometimes it takes me a good few attempts which is very annoying as there doesn’t seem to be a fix. It was better when uploading via Universal (unless WAV or AIFF) but now tracks uploading via Universal just show up as unknown artists / unknown album and no word from support again lol. We are our own support at this stage @VOX_Support_Team


When I first installed Universal, I had a ton of albums all labeled as Unknown. I tediously deleted all of them in Universal (because they didn’t show up as Unknown in the VOX app) then proceeded to re-download. That’s when it got stuck forever on the first file.

I did the shutdown/restart thing and except for no sync, things have been happy.


I just installed the beta but was unable too get through the initial setup process because it insisted on having my email address or connecting via social media. Why do you need my email address or access to social media just so I can listen to music stored locally on my computer? Shady af if you ask me so I immediately deleted it.


Same Here and In addition, the refund request (mail) for the two-year subscription was written about 2 weeks after completion and was ignored without further ado so you shouldn’t deal with customers @VOX_Support_Team… 🫤😐


Are you aware that Vox are based in Ukraine? War tends to disturb normal customer service. It might not satisfy you, but probably explains a lot of slow responses to issues.


VU has just begun some rather odd behavior in the past couple of days. When opened, it loads (or begins the process), but if I go to the “Artist” display option, it begins melting away from the bottom up until none of my artists are selectable; they simply disappear. This is new behavior.

I’m in the process of trying to clean up duplications and library organization, but currently show to have 4TB and over 4,000 albums loaded. I am using the MacOS releases. I am not seeing this on the legacy Vox app.

One other issue, uploads seem to hang consistently, but if I exit the app and then restart the upload this seems to get things moving again, at least for a bit.

Not sure of present circumstances with respect to server/network distribution, so either or both of these items could be a result of the problems in Ukraine, which obviously are more important to you than these matters. So, no hurry, just a heads up.

Y’all keep your heads down and safe. With you in spirit and hope the bloody bastards to your east get a heavy dose of the karma they so richly deserve.


I’m quite surprised we got a new version given everything else going on at the moment, so kudos to the VOX team for that :clap:

It seems to work very well now - stable uploading, stable streaming, editing features work nicely. However, one thing I’m surprised hasn’t been implemented yet - gapless playback. This is such a crucial feature to the enjoyment of so many albums.

Thanks you guys, I hope you are all keeping safe.


Vox Universal does not recognise cover art metadata on .aiff files. It uploads the album with a blank cover. You need to include a jpeg in the album folder when uploading to get album art. Or right click album -> edit -> upload artwork

Cover art on .mp3 files uploads fine


With an album containing 9 .aiff files, and 1 .mp3 file (linked together via metadata), when you upload it splits it into 2 separate albums: one album with all the .aiff files, and then another album with just the .mp3

no way to joint them together


The VOX mini player has always done that, too. I understood it was by design, not a bug.


Any plans to allow adding local music instead of having to upload to cloud?


Yes, they have said that it is planned.


Hi all.

In my experience, the new Vox Universal, while an improvement, still misses crucial points for someone with over a 1T of music:

  • It is still very cumbersome to add/remove music. Ideally, a sync with your local files could be a solution.

  • Navigation for large collections is problematic yet. It should be more intuitive, and more list-like if possible.

  • The player for car audio has dramatically improved in the last two months. It was garbage, and now it is quite fluid. It still lacks search, though.
    A few requests:

  • I would add something similar to the old Vox uploader because you simply can’t upload many files without failing, and there is no chance to return where you stopped in the current app

  • A “Delete Library” option, for new sync. Either that or a better interface for library management

  • A “duplicate” view. Many of my old MP3 files were substituted for FLAC or ALAC, and they appear as duplicates in my library. Completely insane to find them at this point.



My Universal on Mac keeps crashing after opening. Any news about stable release?


I just discovered Universal a couple of weeks ago when Vox locked up on my Mac Ventura. Universal was the upload answer and over a TB of music uploaded smoothly (although slowly as expected). All the music showed up on my iPhone and iPad Vox app, and plays wonderfully on them.

My feedback would be that Universal needs to have more ability to move large groups of song files from the library to playlists. It currently only allows moving a song at a time. I wish I could move an artist or album at a time to a given playlist. I also wish that I could add songs from library to playlist from one of my mobile devices running Vox. Currently it seems that I can only do that from the Vox Universal on my Mac.

Also, I love the parametric EQ and the ability to save my custom EQ settings along with the existing preset ones. The sound quality is huge, and it sounds fantastic both in my car and on my tiny Bose bluetooth speaker. What I would also love to see added is automatic level control, adjustable like a real compressor/limiter if possible, for leveling out the loud and quiet songs and passages. Your already top notch EQ combined with something like that would be light years ahead of anything out there. It doesn’t seem to me that would be very difficult to add, but then I’m not a developer so there’s that.

Anyway, I realize that conditions are terrible in the home country of VOX. I wish everyone safety above all else, and I patiently look forward to app updates as they are released.


Please share some additional details about the crashes with our support desk: https://vox.rocks/support

Such as:

  • VOX Universal version and OS version
  • Email associated with your VOX Account
  • Log file to see the crash details (Settings > Open Log File)
  • Some steps to reproduce the crash.


I reinstalled VOX Universal (macOS) today on a whim and to my surprise, it’s no longer giving me the persistent timeout errors that ruined it without fail when I was trying to use it a couple years ago. So something’s changed… :+1:

I resubscribed to Vox Premium in the hope that my payment will in some small way help VOX Universal get local file playback someday.

All the best to the Vox team.