VOX Universal Beta: Feedbacks


Sure not!

Please try to re-login to the VOX Universal app using your VOX Account to trigger the complete re-sync.

Also, you may try to do the following:

  • Close VOX Universal

  • Make sure VOX Universal is not displayed in the Activity Monitor or Task Manager

  • on macOS: Open Terminal > execute the command: rm -rf ~/.revox
    or just locate .revox dir in your system using this path: ~/.revox/ and remove the .revox folder via Finder.

  • on Windows: you can locate .revox dir (example: C:\users*username*.revox) and remove the folder via Windows Explorer.

If nothing of mentioned above had helped, please do not hesitate to reach our tech. support desk https://vox.rocks/support and get some individual assistance.


Thanks for the reply!

Have done 1-3 (I’m on a Mac)

First of all, NOTHING comes up, then when I upload one track, ALL my albums are displayed, with cover art, file type etc., but when clicked on, the album is empty / there are no tracks displayed.

Anyone else have this problem / a way to get around it?


I’ve had the beta installed for a while but find myself drifting back to the original in spite of the beta’s much more enjoyable UI. Two things bring me back: BS2B (which is terrific) and the ability to drag my local files to the playlist and hit shuffle. I’ve come to really appreciate that as it’s local, no data is being downloaded, there’s less drag on my internet speeds, it’s not firing up servers somewhere so it uses less energy, etc etc. hope those 2 features make it to the universal!


v0.7.3 beta on Windows 10, using an Audioquest Dragonfly Black.

Only two major issues I’ve experienced so far with VOX Universal:

  1. Lack of gapless playback (this really affects my enjoyment of many albums!)
  2. Uploading is unreliable. The upload seems to stall after several tracks, but when I try uploading through the standalone VOX uploader it works fine.

Looking forward to getting these issues resolved. I’ve been waiting for a universal player ever since I first subscribed to VOX three years ago!


I’m trying VOX Universal v0.7.3 beta for a month and I have some points about it.
I run it Windows 10 and Mac Big Sur 11.2.3


  • Design is clear and much better for laptops
  • It’s speedy than previous version :+1:
  • “Playlists” name are clearer than “Collections” :+1:
  • Album view is very clear :+1:
  • Follow links on mini player are great :+1:

To improve

  • App icon it’s a joke, update to Big Sur guidelines or use the shine iOS VOX icon
  • Add follow links over the Albums and Artists names on TRACKS tab
  • Add follow links over Artists names on ALBUMS tab
  • Player crashes sometimes, specially when it lost the connection with the VOX servers
  • Make search box universal, not always I can remember the clue to find the song I want. It’s shouldn’t matters if it the name, album or artist, search box should show everything.


  • Timeout when trying to adds a high amount of tracks (+126 songs) to a Playlist

To consider

  • Publish it on MacApp Store
  • Add Smart Playlists with rules [Very useful]
  • Add mini player or reduced mode with only cover and controls
  • Add drag and drop on Queue
  • Add multi-language support
  • Add mark favorite or star to tracks to loved

Thanks for make VOX better, I love your player it’s not the best right now but for me it’s the minimal and beautiful player in the world :heart_eyes:


Hello. Here’s my feedback:


  • UNUSABLE, because playback stutters and jumps to next track randomly. Once I had it jump like 4 tracks in a row, playing a second from the beginning of each one. Cannot listen to music on this.
  • Stuck forever “Uploading… 1 files left” - and I don’t even know what, I didn’t upload anything. I tried making a playlist but failed, maybe it’s that?
  • Seek error: invalid position when moving the playhead


  • Wastes a lot of space. Lots of space in between track names: can’t even fit 10 track names (the minimum album track count) on a 15" MacBook Pro screen, which is just ridiculous.
  • The big white top-left X is too big and visible, disturbs the otherwise calm layout.
  • Why is there tons of empty space on the right side of the layout, while the album art is close to the left edge? Looks unbalanced.
  • The gray outline on album art looks ugly, doesn’t need it.
  • Artist name is the tiniest text on this screen. I think artist’s name is more important than that.
  • Can’t see album lenght at all.


  • A “distraction free” full-screen mode for just listening to an album or playlist that hides everything else but album art and track list. The core selling point of VOX is to be the app for music lovers. People who listen to music, not just play it in the background. This would be a perfect fit. Computer creates distraction because it presents possibilities for other actions, which is why a physical media like vinyl/cassette/cd is a better listening experience. Let’s try to combat this with UX/UI design, make a UI that doesn’t distract the listener.
  • Request: a button & keyboard shortcut that always takes you to the now playing album. This should be an intuitive thing to do.
  • Request: editing file tags (artist, track, album etc) so that I don’t have to delete and re-add files to the cloud if I need to rename something.
  • Also: standard macOS buttons missing: ctrl-cmd-f for full screen, cmd-comma for settings.


How to merge artists?

Or, alternately, tell it to use the actual “artist” tag instead of “album artist,” which is what is giving me multiple entries for certain artists with complicated names. When I try to rename an artist it tells me “artist already exists,” but I just want to merge them together?

Haven’t messed around much with playback here yet, because there’s no last.fm support.



  • Gray gradient on album hover looks cheapie

  • Don’t try to duplicate Spotify design )) Spotify is ugly and absolutely useless in terms of usability and user experience piece of scrap with no UX design at all put in it. Don’t repeat their mistakes, you can do much better ))

  • It’s a pity there is no more album cover on dock when track is playing ((

  • When the app is active there is no sign of it inside MacOs Now Playing widget.


  • The Time Slider after clicking on it becomes left aligned with the mouse cursor instead of being center aligned with it, with the result of going every time back in time a little.

  • I’ve uploaded APE file with CUE pair to the cloud and there is no album cover showing inside albums collection. VOX classic seems not to have this problem.


  • Mouseless navigation inside app and global shortcuts for basic functions.

  • Search by Genre tag (Genre can be comma separated text)

  • Ability to change artwork size inside albums collection. It doesn’t need to be so big always. Waste of space.

  • Remember last used tab, and open it after app lunch. Right now it always navigates you to the Tracks tab.

  • Would be nice to have the ability to manipulate the application from the outside using AppleScripts, Alfred, Spotlight indexing and search. It whould be a gemechanger feature and a real timesaver.


I’m not sure if this feedback is still being checked… I’m sure several users have run into this same issue.

There is a serious flaw going on with the ability to edit Metadata! If you edit the name of a track (Title/Album/etc) and you then try to revert back to the original you get a big red error saying it already exists…

How are we supposed to test the functionality of this new feature if we are unable to revert changes?

This same issue does not allow us to combine to groups of tracks into a single album, or combine two artists as a single artist. Being able to do so is the main benefit of being able to edit metadata from within VOX, so I hope this issue has been noted.


As for now, meta editing is fully supported for Playlist items, since they are not involved in the Library hierarchy creation, hence, fully scaled meta editor for Library, with an ability to merge Albums, Artists and move tracks!

Regarding the renaming bug. Please reach our tech. support desk https://vox.rocks/support and share the logs and some steps to reproduce the issue.

I am sure they will find a workaround for this happening and collect all needed information to reproduce and fix an error.


Really like the improvement on the Universal Beta. I have a suggestion. This is the issue: I have an album with a duplicated artist name but with different meta on the name. I was trying to edit the meta tag on the artist name to have just one, but I get this error message: Artist with that name already exists. That was the whole point of being able to edit the artist name, to show several albums under the same artist name.



I don’t find the option to download files in the Universal Beta is that going to be added later on?


There is a problem with VOX Universal Beta.
If an album is added and the artist’s photo does not appear, it can be added the first time without problem.
But if that artist is deleted by mistake and the album is added again, it will no longer allow the artist’s photo to be saved.
The following message appears: "Artist with *** artist name *** already exists.


I cannot even open this app. Here is what I get when I try to open it:
“VOX Universal” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.


The app itself seems to work fine for me on Windows 10, but uploading absolutely murders the bandwidth. Everyone in my house is affected by it. That definitely needs to be fixed.

Edit: It seems to struggle when I upload my entire music folder. It starts to upload, but then stops until I restart the program. When I do one artist at a time, there’s no problem.


Still hopeful that the “local file playlist” feature makes its way over from the mini app. That’s constantly in use.


Any chance we could get a list of which metadata tags you guys are planning to support with VOX Universal…?

I feel like certain tags are almost mandatory these days if you want to be able to organize a large music collection:

It would be really nice to at least see some support for the following, as these tags are pretty universally supported by even the simplest media players…

  • Title / Artist / Album / Year — already supported by VOX for Mac

  • Album Artist — partial support…?

  • Genre — VOX can read it so plz add ability to Search by genre

  • Date/Year

  • Comments — supporting this tag would allow us to include album info/descriptions

  • Sort Artist/Album/etc. by — would allow us to Sort media in various extra ways

Eventually it would be nice to get support for creating Smart Playlists using various ID tags such as:

  • Grouping

  • Composer

  • Label / Catalog#

I understand that some of these will take time. However, it would be much appreciated if we could get a list of what your plans are so we know what to expect over the next 6-12 months…


I accidentally used “Heavy” as the Album Artist in the Mac Music App for Iron Butterfly’s debut album, before adding it to Vox. Is there not a way to correct an album’s Artist field? I tried renaming Heavy from the Artists list, but Iron Butterfly already exists.


Feature Request: Would love to see an equalizer option. I have some hearing loss and prefer not to listen to music with my hearing aids in and would rather just adjust the EQ. Thank you!


Just edit album title – under the Artists category tab I believe…