Songs from Vox Library don't randomly load


I am experiencing same issue as described under this thread.

I have been using VOX over half an year without any issues. In December randomly some songs don’t load from library (VOX Cloud). I have not changed version on my iPhone7 during this time. Now in January I installed the latest Vox version and problem did not go away. I have cleared the cache (did not help) and I have re-uploaded the music that has not loaded. Vox app on my Mac does not have any problems, but I get these issues when playing with iPhone.

If it helps for example Artist: Pulley Album: No Change in weather. All other songs load except track 4: Sometimes.

All help very much appreciated!



Thanks for reacing out!

Did you try to re-login to your VOX account using iPhone?


I am having the same problem. Everything has worked fine for a long time, and now random songs just don’t play…I’ve signed out, and back in and nothing works. I even changed the meta data of the FLAC and uploaded that, and it’s the same problem. Please address ASAP.



Can you indicate the particar songs in your music library, too?

Also, you may contact our support desk directly -


Sure. Mine is Pink + White by Frank Ocean. It has always played fine until yesterday.


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Yes, I have tried that as well.