Songs don't load


Hi, after enjoying flawless streaming music ever since I signed up for Vox songs don't load anymore. How come? My network is the same as before, Tidal works just fine. I have a Iphone 6 IOS 10.

Songs from Vox Library don't randomly load

What streaming service are You using? What You have signed up to in Vox?


Iphone 6, a Premium account.


Is this Spotify? Then please try to re-login to Spotify in Vox, and also please check that Your Spotify Premium account is not expired.


No, this is Vox


I was not logged in to Spotify when the streaming worked


I understand that it's in Vox. Vox has many streaming services supported: SoundCloud, Youtube, Spotify, Loop. "Premium" service exists only in Spotify, as far as I know.

You need to logged in Vox with Spotify using Your Premium account, to play music from Spotify.

If You are not accessing Spotify music, than what "streaming" do You mean?


I am trying to stream the songs I have uploaded to my Loop account through the Vox app! I was under the impression you are Vox support, obviously I am not trying to stream songs from Spotify or any other streaming service connected with Vox.


Lars, Thank You for clarifying this.
I am from from Vox team, it was unclear to me which streaming service You are using. Troubleshooting is different depending on concrete service.

So You say tracks are not loading. To identify the problem:
- Did You try to download some items from Loop? does it work? - What happens if You clear the file cache (Settings -> Clear Cache), then try to play again? - Does re-login to Loop help?

Awaiting for Your kind reply


Clearing the cache did help! Thank you very much!


I spoke too soon, songs don't load after about 30 mins. If I clear the cache then it works again for about 30 mins. You need to fix the app so it clears the cache itself.february


Lars, the cache is cleaned periodically. Could You please check if You have free space in Your device?


I have 2.3 gb free. The last update seems to have fixed the problem though, so far so good and I have been streaming for little more than an hour. I will let you know it the problem persists. Thanks for your help!


Thank You for feedback, stay tuned and welcome back should You need any help!


Spoke too soon again! I can only stream songs for about an hour and then it stops. I had 1.16 Gb of free space on my Iphone 6 when I started. When I clear the cache I can stream again.


Now I can't stream for more than 10-15 minutes, even if I clear the cache before I start streaming. Since the service does not work I want a reimbursement of the monthly fee I pay, until the problem is fixed!


Lars, sorry for late answer!

As we tested Vox can stream from Loop endlessly even without space available, in this case caching is omitted so should not be a problem.

Please describe in detail the state of Vox when it stops - does it pause or crash? Are You sure the network is still present when this happens? The queue is not yet finished, for sure?


Songs don't load, i.e. the bars(amplitude?) show random high but mostly low bars, when I shuffle my entire online collection of 8000 songs. Vox doesn't crash, it tries to load the song and it starts to stutter and then it finally stops all together. And, no the queue is not yet finished and the wireless network I use is still present, it works flawlessly when I stream songs on Tidal. Will I be reimbursed for Vox not working?


Hello Lars,
My name is Konstantine.
Some "heavy" songs may also don't display histogram because we are loading them not fully, but small portions. Presence or absence of histogram can not be considered as loading indicator. As long as You can hear the sound and playback continues - everything is ok.

I You are saying, that playback stops for some reason - it is probably a bug.Please capture a video showing stopped playback. Also, please check what happens if You start that track over, or skip it by tapping the next track in queue. There might be a problem with some specific tracks which won't play for some reason. As long as we are not able to reproduce such behavior here, we are asking You to help, if you are willing of course.

One more thing I need to know - when You put just several albums in queue, does the problem occur in that case?

P.S. We will return to your question about reimbursement right after. Of course we will give You free subscription as a gift if bug will be approved. Your help will be gratefully appreciated.


Hi Konstantine, I am not saying that the histograms are an indication of wether the songs are loading or not, if there is no sound the songs are not loading properly. But everytime the songs don't play properly, they stutter and the text "loading" is flickering and the histogram is pointy. If I start the song over it doesn't stutter, if I forward to the next song it might stutter or not, forwarding is no guarantee for it not to stutter. The files I play are flac and they are probably of a very high bitrate, a 10 minute song is 65 Mb.

The problem seems to occur regardless of how many albums I put in the queue. Hope this info helps.