Songs don't load


Thank you for your comments!
I added a free month to Your subscription. Meanwhile, we'll investigate this further. If You'll notice something else - please let us know.
Thanks for Your assistance!


Thank you for the free month! The problem still persists, the same "symptoms". Also, now there are several albums that I uploaded but don't show up on Vox, like Mahavishnu Orchestra and Johnny Winter.


Please try next update. We've already made many changes and it's about to release.
Awaiting more comments from you!




I’m having the exact same issue. My songs are always in a constant state of “Loading”. When I try to play an album from the Loop, the songs take a while to play then stop ever 5 secs to load then start again. This started happening a couple of days ago. I have cleared my cache multiple times and it has not helped. I have removed the app and re-downloaded. This did not work. Everything has been working great for a year and now I cannot listen to my music. Can someone please tell me what is going on? I have recorded what is happening on my iPhone. I will try to upload.