ReVox dev status


On April 17 2019 you showed a blurred screenshot of your next ReVox multiplatform client… more than one year after we still waiting the announcement :disappointed:
You’ve promised the Beta access but we have nothing maybe you can to show some screenshots to keep the flame alive. I want to believe in Vox but we need more news about you.



just in case, it is not ReVox


I know it and use it.
But VOX iOS app interface it’s much better than Plexamp.
In any case, Plex is not the topic of the thread.

I really interested in new ReVOX app, the main goal of this post is to get the attention of VOX developers to know more information about the promised ReVOX universal app


theoretically they are in the plans until 31 August
but this thing has been dragging on for too long …
sure it is an ambitious project … maybe too much?


Actually, they are not: Second quarter, Q2: 1 April – 30 June (91 days).
Here is another post on the same theme News about universal VOX APP.

May be … but last version of iOS doesn’t download my files: And one more bug - cannot download songs on iOS device.

Me too. If you found such app, I would glad to know )


Thanks for all your posts and your interest for the ReVOX app.

We are as close to ReVOX beta release as have never been before, our is working on it each day and we looking forward to sharing the BETA soon.

We will start Closed testing sessions as soon as ReVOX app will be ready for limited public launch. I believe we will have some progress to share really soon.

Meanwhile, we are constantly upgrading a VOX app and implementing core changes to make it more sustainable and in order to create a background for future streaming and syncing features, we are planning to introduce.

We understand that it has been a long time since ReVOX has been announced.

Finally, since the VOX Team has almost finished with the new iPad version and the infrastructure updates, ReVOX project has granted the highest priority.

Looking forward to updating you on this as soon as possible.

Stay tuned!


It is a shame that you aren’t able to show transparency.
If you promised something to your users, and are unable to deliver, please tell them. :confused:


I love Plexamp! This is the first time I see screenshot of ReVox and looks promising… hope they release it soon!


Plexamp is not ReVox :slight_smile:


Any News on ReVox? You will lose subscribers , if you don‘t keep us updated.


They release beta version few months ago and looks promising but no local library support yet… hope they add it.