News about universal VOX APP


Do you have news about new universal VOX app?
We’re waiting too long. Can you be honest with your customers and tell something about develop, problems, real situation.

I think we are already too many VOX customers waiting for an answer.

Maybe you can put something, screenshots, sneak peak or Testfight beta invitation.

I strongly believe in the future of VOX, but without news, it becomes more difficult to believe.


I grilled these people about this same thing on multiple threads, and they just gave me a smart ass answer. They don’t care about us and they are lazy as heck. I don’t think we will ever see this mythical app they refer to. If you go on LinkedIn, you can see all of the people who work on these projects. They are all in the Ukraine area.

Many times they have told me they would put me in TestFlight betas, but not a single one has been seen, and this was well over a year ago.


@VOX_Support_Team y’all have anything to say for yourselves?


Just see how long they promise the famous Windows version that is still in beta today and absolutely not in line with other similar applications


Bump. Just checking in to follow this thread. I am also waiting to hear about. My subscription to the online storage ends in DEC. If there isn’t an answer soon, I will end my subscription and move my files elsewhere.


Hi Everyone,

We really appreciate you stay active on this topic. I am sure that will encourage dev. team to code faster :slight_smile:

Here come some news and ETAs from the VOX Team, as for today:

  • New VOX (Universal) app with improved iPad support - 2019 Q4 - 2020 Q1 (Beta)
  • New “ReVOX” multi-platform app, compatible with Windows and macOS (later, we plan to add Linux support too):
  • 2019 Q4 - 2020 Q1 (Alpha)
  • 2020 Q2 (Beta)

We are developing our product full-time and on the daily basis, we can`t stop killing bugs and making improvements to our infrastructure, polishing VOX app to make sure VOX will be working properly on new OS updates released by Apple, etc.

Supporting our products takes a lot of time and effort, hence, we’ve managed to increase the amount of time and human resources spent on making new Beta, and we are passionately looking forward to sharing them with our fans pretty soon.

Yet we think that it is important to emphasize that all our plans and ETAs we’ve shared above may be postponed if VOX Team will have to spend more time supporting current apps and infrastructure. And that is something we can`t know for sure now.

I hope our updates will please you!



… I still remember when windows version was estimated by the start of 2016
Hopefully it stays somewhat on schedule of this 2020Q2 for beta.


We work really hard to make it happen according to the schedule. Anyway, we will find out soon.


Hey!! Vox Team do you have news about ETAs? We’re in 2020 Q1…


crickets. chhirrrpppppp.


they took 8 months … since 2016 …


Give us some more info pls.


Thanks for your posts!

ReVOX development is going on, we’ve bumped into a number of new tech. issues and currently we are working on resolving them, that is the reason for beta testing sessions to be postponed.

We hope to overcome the mentioned tech. issues, also we plan to finalize beta testing environment preparations in the shortest time possible. VOX Team is really staying encouraged and focused right now, since we are looking forward to releasing new beta upcoming months.


It might happen so, that the new iPad version of VOX app will be released first. If you are looking forward to trying out some new software, our tech. support will be glad to share invitations for ReVOX and\or iPad app testing sessions on demand -