And one more bug - cannot download songs on iOS device


I downloaded album, but don’t have it as downloaded. Settings → Downloaded items size = 0 bytes.

May be it is related with the fact I have cancelled my subscription, but it is still working to the end of month.


Thanks for your post!

What VOX + OS versions are you referring to?
Are mentioned Albums available for playback, after you go offline?

You can check VOX version like that:


Last iOS and VOX versions:
VOX version - 2.5 (2504); iOS - 13.5.1.
After going offline I have not album available for playback.


The problem only in iOS devices, on Mac OS I can download songs.

ReVox dev status

No, the problem does not related with cancel subscription.
I have activate it again, the money was charged (again!, I had already not finished subscription), but still cannot download files.


Hi, what is your recommendation and what I need to do ?
I still cannot download any song.


I created a request to support, but didn’t get a feedback, so I will add it here.

I have reproduced the problem on my second device:

  • Install VOX - I can download music.

  • Remove VOX, and install beta version of VOX from TestFlight - I still can download music.

  • Remove beta version of VOX (ones from TestFlight) and install VOX from AppStore - now I cannot download music .

  • Try to fix problem and return to beta version of VOX from AppStore - no, still cannot download music .

@VOX_Support_Team - try to do this sequence of steps and I am sure you will reproduce the error.
Anybody else - don’t try do it, or you will have useless VOX subscription as I have.

Question to @VOX_Support_Team : what do I need to do now to return the ability to download music ? If you publish new version of application to fix it in Test Flight, I can check it.


Thanks for your post and for STR provided.

As far as I know, our QA team has already trying to reproduce this misbehavior using mentioned STR!

In the meantime, we would suggest completely re-installing the VOX app (Delete VOX app > go to AppStore > Download the app), that might be helpful in this case.

Please let us know if the problem is still there after the complete re-install?


I have complete reinstall it and still have the same problem. Actually it is number 3 in my STR.

Using STR above I reproduced it three times on all of my devices without problem. You can upload new version of application to TestFlight and I’ll send you debug information you collected.


Thanks for your reply!

Our QA team has followed the steps you’ve provided using various devices test devices, but still no luck!

May I ask you to do the following:

Please check if you have enough storage space for downloaded files?
What internet connection are you on, LTE or Wifi?
Are there some particular files that don`t download for offline playback or all of them?

Do a complete re-install:

  • Log out from the VOX app using your VOX account.
  • Reboot your iOS device
  • Perform a clean install once more
  • Log in with your VOX account and try to download music for offline playback.


100 Gb free

Both of them.

All of them.

It doesn’t help me. “Reset all data and application” helps me, but I don’t want to do it on my main device.


Any new regarding my problem ?
I have paid for VOX, but now it is more than two months as I can not use application.


We’ve released a couple of updates already. Please try to make a clean install of the VOX app and repeat a download attempt.