Newest sorting albums incorrectly. Unable to play whole albums


Since the latest release my album list is completely messed up. It appears that VOX is now regarding every combination of album and artist as a separate album. Which mean any compilation album has every track listed as a separate album. So instead of several hundred albums I now have several thousand in the list.

Albums which are from a single artist appear to be ok. It’s just compilations.

I’ve tried completely reloading the iTunes sources, changing view sort settings around but nothing seems to fix this.

Please fix.


Thanks for your post!

Please advise what OS are you reffering to?


Sorry. Am on OS X with VOX 3.3.17 (BUILD 3398.3)


Bump. Any idea on this. Here is what it looks like

As you can see Vox is treating each album/artist combination as a unique album. That’s fine when it’s a single artist, but it’s a total figure for compilation albums.


I believe the problem is connected with id3 tags of your music tracks, please check those tracks to have a “Compilation tag = 1”

In this case all the tracks will get to a Single Album, by Various Artists.

You may find more information here: How to tag files properly

Hope it helps.


Erm, sorry, but this response seems a bit lazy to me. I’m new to Vox, just on a monthly subscription to check it out, and I was shocked to see this kind of sorting behavior for albums with various artists.

I have a carefully tagged music collection that contains hundreds of compilations, and every single music library I have seen process this collection (and that’s a lot of music libraries in all those years…) came up with what every user would expect: Albums are distinguished by their title first and may addtionally have an “album artist” which indicates that the actual tracks are by more than one artist.

So, while tagging every compilation in a special way might work, this is hardly anything more than a workaround. Do you really expect your new users to go through every single compilation in their collection and add this tag?

Please note that this currently BLOCKS everybody from playing compilations in sequence! So I would suggest looking into this and implementing sane V.A. sorting behavior that meets the user experience expecations of… well everybody who listens to music and has at least one compilation in their collection.


Oh, and how do I use this workaround without a Mac? I tried reuploading one of my compilations with Vox Uploader for Windows after adding the COMPILATION=1 tag but it still shows up as multiple albums. Unfortunately, it seems I cannot delete an album on either the iOS app, Vox Uploader or the Vox website (why?).

How do I even update the meta-data of tracks already uploaded to the Vox cloud with this new tag?


More info on this. I’m not 100% sure this is a VOX issue. I say this because I’ve now seen the same issue when using iTunes to view albums on a Synology NAS with an iTunes server installed. I’ve also got the same issue with albums I’ve purchased from Apple and you’d think they had the tags correct. For example, The Adjustment Bureau soundtrack has 3 different artists and now appears as 3 separate albums in Vox and in an iTunes viewing the Synology server.


This is easy. Go into iTunes and check the “compilation” box. This will keep the album intact but recognize it as a compilation of different artists. Then upload again into VOX.


As has been stated by other, the Compilation Flag is not the problem. All my compilations have it correctly set, include those downloaded from iTunes.


Thanks for your post

We expect this to be completely fixed in the most current version of the VOX app - v3.3.19!

If the problem still persists, please reach our tech. support desk to have it sorted!