[Mac] Sync collections are not available until explicitly selected in collections tab


I’m having the problem with the flow:

listening to songs from Vox Cloud, I’d like to add a song to “Likes” synced collection. Problem: I cannot do so, because there is no such a collection on the moment. To enable it, I need to go to Collection tabs and open Likes collection. Only then I can return to the song playing and add it to synced “Likes” collection. I’d appreciate this to be fixed



Thanks for your post!

What VOX + OS versions are you referring to?

May I ask you to make a couple of screenshots of the “Likes” Synced Collection disabled vs enabled, or catch the whole process on the screencast?



Please have a look https://streamable.com/k6lbxl.

  1. Open Vox
  2. Trying to add something to Likes collection

EXPECTED: Likes collection is in the menu
ACTUAL: there’s no Likes collection.

  1. Though if we explicitly go to Collections->Likes and then start 2. over again, the flow works smoothly