[Mac] Sync collections are not available until explicitly selected in collections tab


I’m having the problem with the flow:

listening to songs from Vox Cloud, I’d like to add a song to “Likes” synced collection. Problem: I cannot do so, because there is no such a collection on the moment. To enable it, I need to go to Collection tabs and open Likes collection. Only then I can return to the song playing and add it to synced “Likes” collection. I’d appreciate this to be fixed



Thanks for your post!

What VOX + OS versions are you referring to?

May I ask you to make a couple of screenshots of the “Likes” Synced Collection disabled vs enabled, or catch the whole process on the screencast?



Please have a look https://streamable.com/k6lbxl.

  1. Open Vox
  2. Trying to add something to Likes collection

EXPECTED: Likes collection is in the menu
ACTUAL: there’s no Likes collection.

  1. Though if we explicitly go to Collections->Likes and then start 2. over again, the flow works smoothly


When? As of August 2021 I cannot sync collections between my Mac and iPad.


Actually, you can do it!

When you create a new Collection in VOX - you can make it Synced and all music you put into this Collection will be uploaded to VOX Cloud to become available on all Apple devices associated with your account!

If you already cleared a Collection, here is a way to make it Synced:

Hope that helps!

P.S. We’ve launched an opened beta-testing session of the VOX Universal app, where you can create Synced Collections available across multiple devices: VOX Universal Beta v07.12: Release Notes, Download links, etc