scrobble problem [FIXED]


Seriously VOX, who has asked more for a bug to be repaired, Quboz users or!?! Seriously :sweat:


And ANOTHER wasted opportunity… :crying_cat_face: :sob: :cry:


Alright I genuinely don’t get how it’s been this long without a proper response or any sort of fix.
It can’t be that hard to at least tell us something new, VOX devs?? At least say that you’ve given up on this so we don’t have to harbor any sort of false hope from now on??? Just a few seconds out of someone’s day???


theyre located in ukraine so im guessing its hard for them to reply


Wow and still no fix…


Hi everyone!

We are working on resolving the issues, this feature is not going to be deprecated. Seens like the dev. team have already figured out what causes this behavior, so we are looking forward to getting scrobbling working as designed again.

Keeping my fingers crossed.


Yay!!! Thanks for replying!


I knew it was a good idea to check this thread one more time. Thought it would’ve been completely dead by now, woo. Thank you, VOX team.


Yeah, it’s only taken many months and over 7-8? updates, but it does seem they are FINALLY responding. Can we expect a solution before NEXT YEAR ?:disappointed_relieved:


I found 2 updates at least since we’ve received the hopeful response from the dev team here, but the issue hasn’t fixed yet…

Scrobbling doesn’t work properly

It’s been over 10 updates, 4 months, and all we get is ‘we’re working on it’ niceties…
I give it to the start of next year, then I WILL QUIT

Audivarna just added, finally.:grinning:


finally iOS VOX 2.7.12 fixes this issue. i’m confirming now.


it seems that the issue has been fixed completely.


I’ll take this as an early Christmas present :gift:… it’s hard to say thanks, but I guess it’s nice that they FINALLY got round to fixing it! I can go back to using my favourite music app now :ok_man: ( and NEVER update again :stuck_out_tongue:)


Wow, finally over. Took almost half a year but it got fixed amidst bad circumstances over there in Ukraine. Thank you, VOX team.


iOS VOX 2.7.13 is available now. It seems to be OK.


I am using iOS VOX 3.5.4 (I just re installed it so it should be the last version), it seems I am dealing with the same problem. scrobbles only the last track (or the tracking that is currently playing), but does not keep track of my previous scrobbles …


Thanks for reporting, we will look into it!


i am paying vox user (subscription), if it would be useful i can give you my information (username etc). i am only playing FLAC-files, maybe this is the reason.


any news? scroblling through vox (version 3.5.4) still does not work properly … while it was working perfectly here the last 3 years … i see the current track being scrobbled. but after the track is done it is not “saved” or “remembered”. it only shows up while being played.