scrobble problem [FIXED]


Something might be wrong with iOS VOX 2.7.1 scrobbling to Only the last track in album is scrobbled.


The same here when I use lastfm on the Vox HD-Musicplayer on my Mac, on Tidal on my Mac it works okay. When I use the lastfm-app on my iPhone of on the Tidal-app it works properly.



Thanks for your post!

Seems like this is happening due to the fact that you are using a legacy version, some issues might appear, unfortunately, since version 2.7.1 is no longer supported.

We would purpose updating to the most recent version, which might resolve this issue.


I’m experiencing a similar issue on the most recent update. My sends the current song I’m listening to but when it finishes, it doesn’t say I listened to it. This may be an issue with itself, but this only began after I downloaded the most recent update


I am also on the most recent version of the iOS app and having the same problem. Desktop seems okay but iOS app is dropping 90% of my scrobbles, no more than one per the same album make it through but some drop all. Also is showing the current now playing but they just don’t make it to be scrobbled.


Hi, there are AT LEAST three other similar messages about this until now. I think everyone is using the latest versions, but none of them are working, old or new. Please (when you can) fix this as I can’t use Vox until this is fixed (and I’m a long time user/subscriber) Thanks in advance.


Even iOS VOX 2.7.2 doesn’t scrobble.


Downloaded today’s update. Scrobbling was okay for like 6 songs, then stopped.


Seriously? With all the people talking about this, you make an update and DON’T fix this problem?!?? I know you have more important things going on around you, but PLEASE fix this soon!! :bowing_man:


I agree! I’m using iOS default Music app with another paid app to scrobble for several days, because VOX is useless now, unfortunately…


This morning scrobbling seemed to resume and I successfully scrobbled a couple of albums. Then, a few hours later, it all went to the dogs again.


Hi - can the support team please address this? Still happening from iOS app.


I’ve been having the same issue, too. Extremely irritating and I’ve considered dropping VOX entirely. Astonished there’s no fix by now and support seems to have dropped this entirely.


Same here.
It doesn’t matter if the iPhone is locked or the app is the active one, scrobbling doesn’t work. I also tried logging out and in on, but it didn’t help either.


VOX iOS 2.7.3 is bad, too. I’m afraid the development team doesn’t recognize this issue.


No kidding! :sweat: if they were all off fighting etc I could understand, but putting out TWO freakin’ updates that fail to address this issue (when it’s Obviously the biggest topic on these forums) is really beginning to take the piss. Is there any possibility for someone to offer an old build for download so I can at least get back to using the app in some way ?!?


I’ve reviewed and reported about this issue on Apple App Store. I hope the development team will notice this issue.


Nice, I was about to do this too! Come on, Vox support team… you know this is going to detract from your sales! Years of vocal support for this service… :frowning: Can you fix this one small thing for us?!?


Same problem here. No change. :confused:


Ok, I found some kind of solution until Vox guys find time to fix this. I use a little app called Silicio - it works with Vox and scrobble to Check it out.