scrobble problem [FIXED]


Cheers! I mainly used Vox streaming from an iPad, but since this is not an option anymore, this will work at least when I’m at home. Thanks so much!! :star_struck:


I have got disappointed with the VOX development team. The team had posted an irrelevant reply only once in this thread, and then have ignored completely. The VOX app for iOS is not worth using no longer…


It’s true, but I ‘bombed’ their facebook announcements, and they finally replied that they are working on the problem, hopefully in time for the next update! I know its not much, and I have no idea why they couldn’t write that here and give us some sort of hope, but I thought I’d let you know anyway…:roll_eyes:


Unfortunately, iOS VOX 2.7.4 still is useless. It doesn’t scrobble.


3 updates and they STILL don’t want to fix it… truly frustrating :frowning:


I ‘bombed’ their facebook page again :stuck_out_tongue:


Just cancelled my subscription. The lack of response and support is insulting. If they fix it great, maybe I’ll reconsider subscribing, but for now this app and team is not getting my support in return.


actually iOS VOX 2.7.5 still doesn’t scrobble. it’s only layout fixes really.


And who asked for those, huh? As opposed to us, who have been ignored for FOUR UPDATES in a row… this group is rapidly losing ANY sympathy I had for them :triumph:


Same!!! It’s so annoying cause I’m a CD collector and listen to a lot of music that isn’t available on streaming and I just wanna scrobble it


Yes, iOS VOX 2.7.6 is bad. The development team might never recognize this issue. damn…


No cause seriously what the hell are they doing it’s been literal MONTHS and we keep getting these other updates nobody asked for all we wanna do is use like God Damn


Maybe we should start organizing angry comments on their Facebook posting / bad iTunes reviews… if that’s the only way we can make them listen? Hit their bottom line…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Honestly that sounds like a decent solution I’m about to leave a review on iTunes


Another update, another missed chance to make their customers happy… :sob:


I’ve gotten bored this issue and I’m used to my life without VOX Player now.


Which player have u been using I can’t find a good one


iOS default Music app. & Eavescrob to scrobble, against my will…


As was mentioned above, if you’re using Vox on a computer, Silicio does work… no use for iOS of course :frowning:


And they STILL didn’t fix it in last nights update… if anyone knows another good player for local files that works with let me know