How to Upload from iPod to Vox


I am not tech savvy at all, and am hoping someone can help me. iTunes (Apple Music or whatever it is now) wiped out my entire music library of thousands of songs. Apple could not help me retrieve it and for now the only place all of music still lives in is within my iPod. I am trying to find some other place to upload my library that is NOT iTunes so I can save it all.

After finding Vox listed as an option I can’t seem to find how to get my music from my iPod into Vox without using iTunes.

I hope someone can help!


Thanks for your post!

We would like to offer you a VOX Cloud storage, you can learn more about it here:

There a some alternative ways to import your music to VOX app, avoiding iTunes: HowTo Upload music to iPhone iPad

Don`t hesitate to reach to our tech. support desk to ask more questions!