Artworks empty. STILL!


Unless it has to do with file size of the images, that could be an issue too.


Hey guys… As of this morning my artwork seems to be up and running. No issues on new uploads or stuff in my cloud. just saying… hope your stuff comes back soon too :slight_smile:


Yes, all working again fine for me now… this app is so good when it works! Fingers crossed it stays like this.


It works fine for me now. The app finally detects my folder.png (500x500) on my new added albums. Maybe I’ll try reuploading all of my library again.


My Vox for Mac and Mac OS now seems to be working at last, with album artwork back as normal. Really hoping that the company will provide users with some form of free add on subscription as a good will gesture, after all the problems experienced in recent weeks. I’m debating whether to continue beyond my current subscription at the moment to be honest, as much as I love what Vox is trying to do.


Hello everyone!

I am glad to share a good news, updates have been finally configured and installed, which should generally improve the stability and prevent major problems.

We really appreciate your patience and cooperation.

If some of you still have some unsolved issues or anything else to share or to be discussed, please contact us directly - and we will try to find some special solution for you.



Seems the artwork issue has returned. Anyone else having issues? For the last three days I get the same old familiar error about artwork not being uploaded. So much for the fix…


I get no artwork when I add a music file to Vox. Was going to go premium but not if i can’t get artwork. I used kid3 and tried everything on these forums but still no artwork. I’ve written Vox twice now and no reply. Not going to pay for premium if I can’t get artwork on my Mac desktop. Kinda bummed…


Yup, same issue has returned. No artwork on iOs app.


…aaand now it’s back! Maybe this will work for others - delete app from phone, reinstall on phone; sync with iTunes…artwork returned.