Artworks empty. STILL!


It’s still not working here.


I’ve got all my artwork back. rfshoup - try clearing your art cache logging out and logging back in.


Thanks but I’m not missing artwork. I’m unable to upload anything without getting an artwork error message.


Likewise. Still artwork errors on recent and new uploads.


Hello. I too can not load any artwork with any new uploads. Been like this about a week. The music in flac format uploads correctly, just the artwork fails to load and leaves the artwork space blank. It is the same for jpeg and png formats. I noticed this bug a few weeks ago as well but it seemed to fix itself after a few days. My vox for iMac player is up to date.

Please add me to the list of people having difficulties. Any insight would be helpful. Please let us know you understand our concerns and are working on the problem. Thank You. Have a great day.


Yep. This is now the problem for me, too. All my other artwork seems to have returned on iOS (it never works consistently on Mac desktop, I’ve given up worrying about it)… but all new uploads now don’t include artwork on iOS…

Should we keep uploading and the artwork that’s embedded will eventually appear, or will we need to reupload albums that appear now without artwork?

Who can tell?


This is beyond being a problem at this point. The last time I was able to upload without artwork errors was SIX DAYS AGO. Can we at least get some idea of when you expect the service to work AS ADVERTISED again?


And the wait continues…before it was just new uploads not displaying art, now it’s all previously uploaded files as well. Help?


I haven’t left any new music without a cover so I don’t know if it will eventually return. I keep erasing the upload and the next day reuploading to see if the artwork loads correctly. All of the artwork on the 3.5Tb of stuff in my “cloud” displays correctly on the mac and on the iPhone.

A reply from VOX would be nice… Hello Mr VOX…


No artwork here or limited artwork only for days, as with others here. Thought it was fixed today, but still only partial artwork being displayed. Decided this morning to delete my entire Library and start again when things get sorted…and even after doing this there is a residue of tracks still showing as uploaded in my account. We are paying for a service that isn’t being delivered - I’ve lost quite a few days of service to problems this year already. Like others here, I think that the idea behind Vox/Vox Cloud is great, but it just feels incomplete. Have to say I’m switching back more and more to iTunes/Apple Music now (and trialling other services), which is a shame as I enjoy the Hi-Res options with Vox, but the Apple options work and Vox currently doesn’t on a regular basis. Hugely frustrating.


Yes… now all my old artwork has disappeared and only the latest uploaded albums have artwork!!

This is so frustrating… and now it seems they have given up even keeping in contact with us… I won’t be staying with this service if it doesn’t improve. It needs to get A LOT BETTER and FAST.


Dear customers,
We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences. We are currently working on fixing this issue as soon as possible. Once the issue is fixed we will tell you immediately.


Thank you support team. We will look out for your reply. Thank you for getting back to us.


I have uploaded three albums. No album artwork in iOS app.
Logout/login - now I don’t have any artwork in all my albums :frowning:


Looks like the developers have changed algorithm of searching the album artwork. I am using VOX Loop more than 3 years and all the time they have said us - use ID3 tags and all will be fine. I have the big collection of music in the FLAC and MP3 format and every file in my collection have embedded cover. It was anought to display artwork on iOS one month ago, but now it was broken.

As I see now th algorithm is trying to search album artwork based on Atrist and Album tags. And completely ignore embedded covers. As a result a half of my music is without album artwork.

I think it must be better if:

  1. Algorithm will be use embedded artwork if it is
  2. Search artwork based on album tag if there is no embedded cover.


This is my second or third attempt to use your service for several years. And I have to state that for a long time you have practically nothing changed for the better, than I am extremely dejected. The same problems. Still, most of the album art is not displayed, still the process of downloading music to the cloud continues unpredictably, there are still numerous requests for reauthorization. I can not imagine how you can charge a sufficiently high subscription fee for such underdeveloped service. Having paid you money, it is very difficult to remain calm and enjoy listening to music, when you watching on terrible round target sign in the screen instead of the cover art of the album that was carefully embedded before upload.


Agreed feel the same way. Feel like I been ripped off. If the company had any decency they would at least refund some months of fees or give some free months while they are ironing out the kinks, but it seems to be an ongoing issue. Eventually someone is going to sue them.


Does it matter what type file the artwork is in? I have some that are in png and they show up.


I got some artwork back today not all of them though.


so it seems that if you add the artwork as a png it works. All the files I was having problems with were jpegs. Other people should give it a shot and see if that helps.