Artworks empty. STILL!


I just install the new Vox app update for iOS and it doesn’t solves the problem with the album covers that they are all empty. Please fix it!!!


I’m experiencing the exact same issue. I have been having a lot issues the past couple of days. What is happening?


Iphone 7 plus, IOS 13.2.2 Vox (last version) NO ART WORK since two days ago :sweat::fearful:
I tried to reinstall the application two times, same result!
By the way my subscription is finishing next month and I’m not renewing. This app is a crap…


Miracle! It started to work🤞


Here we are 2020 and the artwork is still an issue? WTF?


Please tell us more about the misbehavior you’ve faced with Artworks in VOX app, so we could take a closer look at it!