Artworks empty. STILL!


Vox Cloud for iOS stop showing the covers…all are empty 3 hours ago! Please fix it!!!

Why don’t you store the covers in the mobile storage??? I don’t understand… this problems are producing all days!!!


Same problem here just now - new uploads show no cover art…


For me it’s just a few recent uploads. One of two others showed art fine. All my old library is ok as well.


That’s because you should be taking the artworks of the cache! Log out and log in and you will see how they disappear and doesn’t load … Of course, with the logout you will lose the playlists (if you have one). Anyway, this is getting worse every day and that this morning was going really well …


And now NO TRACKS VISIBLE. Definitely Vox Cloud is down. Like this every day. Is very very frustrating. If you go on like this bye bye


We are still with the issue. THE COVERS DO NOT APPEAR They appears empty. Please, a solution, now!


Today Vox Cloud stayed down for a while… And after It doesn’t loads the artwork covers of the 10 latest albums i uploaded. Please fix it


Come on VOX! You guys should be able to keep your service running for at least a full week without a hiccup. You can’t seem to do it yet. And still you send emails asking for investors. Get the basics together and maybe I’ll invest, but I’m not there yet. And most frustrating is we will probably have to wait all weekend for you to A. Respond . B. Take steps to fix the issue. Please Please make the necessary changes to your business to put your customers first.


Again and again and again!!! It doesn’t loads the artworks. When you log out and log in the artworks dissappear and doesn’t loads again. FIX IT!!!


Very discouraging…


Any chance of getting an update? Art doesn’t load when I upload to iOS from MacOS. And some art appears in iOS that does not appear in MacOS.


Good Morning Ukraine! Hope you are well-rested! You have a few eager customers (including me) waiting all weekend for your response to yet again… spotty server issues: accessing, listening and artwork… What can we do to help you make this work. What kind of incentives do you need to keep your system up and running? Lastly what are you doing about around the clock support? This waiting 48 hours for answers let alone fixes is MADDENING!!!

Thanks and love, your loyal customer…


Hello everyone,

We are working on improving the artworks storages and temporary “shutdowns” would be needed to make changes implemented.

Our old users may know about artwork problems long ago and it was really annoying and everything we’ve been doing to solve this problem was not a panacea. That is why now we are working on major improvements to make it work the way it should.

Some parts of the server infrastructure would be totally re-worked and harmonized with other features.

Obviously, it takes some time.

Anyway, please reach us in case of any problems and we will try to help you individually.


Doesn’t shows the artworks in the albums uploaded from today. Please fix it


yes, I’m having the same issue. It was working fine a few days ago.


No artworks and internal server error all the time… the service is awfull


So it looks like Vox support are just not bothering to answer to this problem at all now… looks like they just don’t care and/or can’t actually get the service to work properly… I have a feeling the company will not last long, sadly. Though I hope I’m wrong. The idea is great, if they can just actually get it to work.


Add me to the list. I’ve been subscribed for about 6 weeks now, and due to all of the downtime I have very little of my library uploaded. I’m currently bouncing back and forth between Vox and the Apple music app depending on what I want to hear. This is getting really frustrating, and the lack of consistent communication from the developer makes it worse. I get that you don’t want to stop and write an email to us when you could be working on the problem, but maybe that means you need to hire someone to handle your communications. I’m thinking that would create some good will amongst your customers who are currently paying you for what amounts to a Beta program at best. I don’t want to be all negative here, I love the IDEA behind Vox. It’s perfect for the way in which I consume music. But it’s practically unusable in it’s current state. I’ll give you a couple more months. I want for Vox to succeed. But beyond that it just becomes a money pit.


I’m new to VOX. Love it but also having no artwork when uploading from iTunes. It was ok about a week ago.


Now works fine again