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Hello Vox/Loop-Support

The artwork of "Belafonte At Carnegie Hall" is missing in Vox AND Loop. In the Finder all song files contain artwork. Other albums are fine. What can I do to add this artwork to this album?


Thanks for Your report.
Wait till uploading process finishes, Sing Out from LOOP and Sing In again.
Try to open an album and play at least one song.

Let us know if artwork still didn't appear.


I signed out, cleared the artwork cache, signed in and played a few songs, but still no artwork:

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Thank You for the information.
Please send us this album,we will investigate. You can upload it here:

Also, is there any chance, that other album (before uploading) had artwork image in the same folder as an album?


Hmm, interesting thought, in the same album folder is a pdf with artwork, as it can be seen in my first post.

I uploaded both files to my dropbox where you can download them with this link.

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VOX doesn't fully support AIF meta tags, but there is a lifehack, shown on this screencast. I assume other albums had such image file in a folder, that's why they have artworks in a loop, or they might have a different type of tags.


Thanks for the workaround. Most hires files have also an artwork image as pdf, so I just exported them as jpeg into the correspondig album folders and reimported those albums into Loop, know it works fine. :-)

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If you have any other questions, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help. And have a fantastic Wednesday!


I automagically extracted the artwork images of all 01-songs and now album view works like a charm! :-)

But… there is a small but:

In Artist view, no artwork is displayed. Is there also a trick or workaround to have VOX displaying artist artwork images?


Yes...It's a known bug of VOX and it's going to be fixed. Artwork appears if You open album at least once.


Thanks for your quick reply. Let’s hope you have time to fix it soon.

Is this issue related to the missing artist artwork images in the iPhone Client?:


I started uploading in autumn 2015 and stopped in summer because synchronisation didn't work anymore. Now started again a few days ago and uploads are running again but very many albums still don't show the embedded artwork.
There really is not one file without artwork inside. I save the cover-pictures with a tagging-app (Metadatics) manually before importing the music into iTunes, which only keeps them in it's database.
It would really be very nice if this annoying problem (bug?) could be solved finally.
I even started using Loop in spring 2015 with another username and had this problem from the very beginning. Now with 90000 tracks online I need a solution.


Hello Rainer,
Thank You for using our app!
Plese click the LOOP icon on Your menubar -> Preferences and take a screenshot.
Do this for all of Your Macs, where You have VOX/LOOP installed and attach all screenshots here, please.
It seems like You have very old version of LOOP. We need to make sure.
Looking forward to Your reply!


Can You also send us a sample album which is properly tagged, and still not displaying artwork in LOOP. You can upload it here, or use any other service:
Also, please attach a screenshot of this album in LOOP. We had fixed this issue, so You should not be experiencing any problems currently.


Hello Developers,

here comes the screenshot of the Loop Preferences...

Mit freundlichen Grüssen / with kind regards

Rainer Huppert

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Hi again,

here is the Dropbox-Link with all the screenshots and files you asked me for. I hope this works for you:

I also noticed the following:
when trying to download the audiofiles from Loop to send them to you, the downloads started within Vox but didn’t finish. They were on my harddisk and I could load them with Metadatics to see if the Artwork was shown and it was.
But I decided to send you the original files from my iTunes-folder which were uploaded sometime last year...

Mit freundlichen Grüssen / with kind regards

Rainer Huppert
Multimedia Specialist

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+1 Same here. When I was uploading several albums to LOOP, I selected xxx.jpg, xxx.flac and xxx.cue at the same time. Then, dragged them to VOX player.

The result was, few albums have cover image, most of them don't have it.

1. Should I rename the cover image to "cover.jpg"? Or it should be "{albumName}.jpg"? Any naming conventions?
2. Looks like if I just drag the folder to VOX, it works most of the time for cover images.

And again, we do need a management tool for VOX :)


RE: "when trying to download the audiofiles from Loop to send them to you, the downloads started within Vox but didn’t finish. They were on my harddisk and I could load them with Metadatics to see if the Artwork was shown and it was. "

All albums without artwork can not be downloaded? That might be the clue. If files can't be uploaded, they might be broken, or not fully uploaded previously. Remove this album from LOOP, and upload again via dropping to VOX app.
Let me know if the artwork is displayed correctly after uploading.


Hello S1ngS1ng,
1. It's always better to upload files with embedded artworks, but if You are uploading artwork separately, it should be placed in the same folder as audio files, and should be uploaded via dragging and dropping the whole folder to LOOP tab in VOX. Selecting audio files and image in finder will NOT work. Also, while uploading via the web browser, not embedded artworks will be ignored.
2. Image name should be one of following :

It is my hope this information helps! Have a great day!