Youtube list caching


Hey guys,

please take a look at Youtube Playlist Limit?

The problem in question seems to be related to Vox caching the API response forever. I have encountered the same issue. I created a dummy playlist with 2 items, loaded it to Vox, removed it. Added 2 more items and loaded again, but to no avail, it seems that the content is cached, and that no amount of cache clear command , Vox restart or computer restart resets it.

For example, the playlist has 4 items, but if i add it to Vox and then add another item. When i try to load the stream again, it will only add the original 4 items and it will not see any of the new items.

If i add the stream from another computer, it is loaded properly. So this is most definitely not an API issue like stated, but a caching issue.


Try to clear Caches folder manually. It did a trick for me with the same problem some time ago.


Hey turn, thanks for your response. This path is correct and it did the trick, thanks!
Maybe someone from @VOX_Support_Team could look into this, and relay the need to not cache YT api responses, OR even better, include this level of cache purge into the existing cache purge menu commands.

A bit better support for YT playlists as well as album art would be awesome, but hey, not really gonna happen now isn’t it…