Youtube Playlist Limit?


I have an unlisted playlist on my Youtube account where I've added 162 songs/videos.

When I get the "share"-link from Youtube and plot it in File -> Open Stream..., it only adds the first 132? How come?

I've tried to clear the playlist, clear the Audio Cache, clear Artwork Cache, restart, readd the playlist etc. - but nothing has helped.

Any suggestions or is this a bug?


Hello Sam,
Welcome to VOX support forum.
There is no limit, it should work even with 10k songs in a playlist, but You should know, that VOX will display all songs that Youtube API "gives". It may not provide some videos for certain reasons.
Please send us the link, we will check if it happens every time on every Mac.


I have a YouTube Music playlist of 598 tracks. But only 163 are added to the player with the help of the “Open stream” function! How to fix it?
MacOs El Capitan 10.11.6, VOX 3.3.6 (Build 3360.1)



Thanks for reaching out!

Probably some videos can be deleted or blocked in your country.

Did you try to re-boot VOX app?
Can you indicate if the same tracks are missing, when you are trying to use “Open stream” with the link again?


Seems to be fine on my MacBook Pro!

My OS is: 10.11.6

Here comes my playlist (630+ tracks)


Youtube list caching