You are losing users when you put buffer setting in advanced(premium user only)


I have been using vox for a while. Recently I noticed vox has upgrade its service for premium users with more online HD music resource, which is very good. But I believe lots of people has the sound lag/stutter issue while playing music in background, see this forum: Sound lag/stutter while playing music in background while using programs until I reopen vox. The solution is increasing the buffer right? And you need to pay for using that setting. Now what? Without paying, I can’t even play my local downloaded files just normally. I really liked the interface and now I have to switch to another app to play my flac. My point is, it is ok to charge users for various online resources but for free users, you have to guaranty a basic functionality. Whoever decides to put the buffer in advance settings in order to block a normal use is very very stupid.


I started to notice this yesterday. It should go away.
What are the names of some other FLAC apps?


I am trying a few of others like Audirvana, Clementine, 5kPlayer, Jriver, Amarra Luxe. Just started testing and haven’t concluded the best alternative yet. Now using Audirvana, sound quality is good.



The “buffering setting” has been developed to overcome sound shattering which may occur if you use an external HDD as a music source for playback, and the connection speed is no good enough for streaming heavy files. That is where the “buffering setting” kicks in!

However, if you are playing your local files from our SSD or streaming from the web and get sound shattering while playing music in the background, probably, there is another reason for that to happen.

If you would like to get some assistance from our support team on that matter, please feel free to contact them here: