Windows Uploader BETA


Figured I might as well start a dedicated thread for the Windows Uploader BETA feedback and bugs. Feel free to jump in. If you want the beta and don’t have it, contact Vox support and ask for it.

As of last night the beta is not uploading. Nothing happens when I click upload. There have been multiple reports that the server is down so that might be it, but not sure if it’s a problem with the app. No word from Vox yet.

Update: Started the app today and it says “uploading” but there is no indication of progress of any kind. Not sure if it is “not responding” or if it just seems to be stalled but is actually working. Most users are probably going to think something is wrong in this situation… needs a message to let the user know what is going on.

Server down at this time

Gui is completely locked up. Seems like it can’t handle adding a large library folder? Since this is exactly what most users are going to be doing with this app, this might need some attention.


I know there is a “feedback checkbox” for the option to “watch for new files” and automatically upload them… but just wanted to add my feedback that this is THE single most important feature… new files should be automatically uploaded and removed files should be automatically deleted from the server. Nobody wants to do this manually. This is a HUGE value add to the app and, honestly, this option has to be added.


Because uploading a library is going to take time, a “minimize to tray” option is going to be appreciated.


If there is an interruption in the internet connection, the uploader needs to pause uploading instead of just starting to add files to the “failed files” list.


The uploader is repeatedly flashing a command prompt window on the screen, even when minimized… would like for this stop.


Just used the beta for the first time:
Very pleased with the upload speeds, which are far faster than uploading through the web facility, although it does not seem to show the amount of data uploaded, which remains at zero MB.
However, it seems that it is necessary to upload entire folders, rather than single files, or have I missed something?