Windows Support


Just got Premium today. I have an iPhone but a Windows computer. Are there plans for Windows support in the (near) future? Upload limit via Windows is 250 mb, so pretty much all my songs I was excited to get VOX for I am unable to send to the cloud.
I was really hoping to replace iTunes Match and just wanted to enquirer and see if Windows support for those of us who are stuck with the OS for professional reasons will eventually be coming.
Or else I’ll be back to Musicbee and iTunes Match for my phone.

Thanks in advance. Great platform, design and idea are beautiful and are complimented by a long list of great features, for those who can utilize. I was unable to upload even one song today, due I’m sure to the same issue others have posted about.



Hi there!

We are already working on a cross-platform version and development is underway. But there is no ETA I can provide you with at the moment.

I believe we will make an official announcement when we will have something to share!

Also, we might be looking for some testers to test the beta, which should be coming very soon.

Stay tuned


I’d be happy to beta test :slight_smile:


Hello everyone!
new subscriber and the same problem: iphone and pc windows
disappointment for not being able to upload folders
pleased to offer you as a beta tester
let me know
thank you


I used Vox exclusively for my music on my old MacBook. But I have since switched to Windows and Android. I would love to get Vox premium on all my new devices.

I would be very happy to be a beta tester on either platform for you guys.

Keep up the great work!


Hi There, I only have iPhone and a Windows P.C. I NNEED TO delete some music files. Please tell me how to delete music files


Please contact our tech. support in direct:

Sure they will help you to figure it out.


Please add additional features to the browser version, or release a windows version, otherwise I really can’t see much incentive to continue a subscription for people who lack a mac to obtain full features . . . :confused:


New subscriber here! I, too, am an iPhone+Windows user. Currently I am using a macOS vm to manage my Vox cloud. I was wondering if you have something like a newsletter so that I can receive notifications for any announcements regarding Vox Windows? Thanks!


Hi there!

You can subsscribe to VOX’s newsletter using you profile page -, so we can stay in touch!




I am also using a Windows PC and iPhone only. T

The standard VOX web upload service is limited to 250mb per file. However, you can use this link to upload your files (size limit up to 1gb) -


Another iPhone + Windows user here. Great to be able to listen to my lossless files on the go but very frustrating that I can’t organise my library. When will this be available on Windows / iOS?



We are really determined and working on a multiplatform app to make it possible. Hope we will take an opportunity to share our progress with you very soon!

PC app we are talking about will provide you with all the tools you would need to sync your iOS device with your PC using VOX and VOX Cloud. Untill that time you would need full operating MacOS to access VOX on your PC.


I noticed that on your website you will be launching the WIndows app in 2018. Is your funding website correct? Presumably you are setting fair expectations for investors. if so we can get excited as we are less than three months away from product launch.


1 gb? has something changed in the meantime? it seems to me the usual site from one album at a time …


Yes, I hope we are going to make it!

We are getting really exited too, as Closed Beta Testing (CBD) is scheduled to be started already this month.


sorry not sure what you mean by seems to the usual site?


I do not know what browser you use
but the link you reported is the usual one
that allows a maximum of 250MB at a time



then? can you upload a 396MB file?
despite what is written above?