Windows Support


Just got Premium today. I have an iPhone but a Windows computer. Are there plans for Windows support in the (near) future? Upload limit via Windows is 250 mb, so pretty much all my songs I was excited to get VOX for I am unable to send to the cloud.
I was really hoping to replace iTunes Match and just wanted to enquirer and see if Windows support for those of us who are stuck with the OS for professional reasons will eventually be coming.
Or else I’ll be back to Musicbee and iTunes Match for my phone.

Thanks in advance. Great platform, design and idea are beautiful and are complimented by a long list of great features, for those who can utilize. I was unable to upload even one song today, due I’m sure to the same issue others have posted about.


Thanks for your post!

What VOX + OS versions are you on?
Please advise what exactly happens when you try to upload music to VOX Cloud?
Have you noticed any error notifications in the process?