Why are many of my album covers now different/wrong on iOS app?


I have over 500 albums uploaded. When I view on my Mac the album covers are consistent with what I uploaded, however as of recently, many of the covers shown on the iOS app are either different or plain wrong. For example I have the album “For Thy Pleasure” from the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. On the iOS app, it shows a cover of “Yawning for Pleasure” by The Toms. On the Mac app the cover is correct. There are many many more examples like this in my collection. I would estimate that 10-20% have wrong or different covers.

Why are you not showing the correct album covers???



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Please make sure you use the most recent version of the VOX app for iOS.

What are the file formats of those tracks?

I would estimate that 10-20% have wrong or different covers


same problem here. Some albums show artwork that is nowhere to be found on my computer, like it’s downloading them from somewhere, whereas others simply don’t show the embedded artwork (which shows fine in the native Music app) - along with the constant freezes and crashes, this is pretty much unusable to me.
Also just seems to randomly pull artist artwork from who knows where, a lot are missing and it just looks ugly. I’d rather not have them at all, than having missing ones here and there. And if there is only one album for an artist, it should just use the album’s artwork rather than a blank one… I don’t know if the premium features work well but this app can’t even function as a decent music player with basic features that work everywhere else, I can’t understand how they expect people to pay for it, let alone a subscription!



These issues might be connected with iTunes` API, that simply don`t let VOX app to pull artworks from your iTunes library. In this scenario, VOX will search for associated artworks using the web.

If you would like to make sure your custom artworks will be displayed in VOX app, you can upload them to VOX Cloud, they will be stored on our servers along with the music files you’ve uploaded.

Also, you can use File Sharing to upload your files to VOX app directly. This way VOX will parse your artworks without getting iTunes API involved.

Here is an associated topic: HowTo Upload music to iPhone iPad


Every one of them is FLAC. Every one is uploaded to VOX Cloud. None are coming from iTunes.


Thanks for your post!

Please reach our tech. support desk https://vox.rocks/support and share the Albums names of the Albums affected by this issue.

They will check those Albums individually on your servers and provide you with some explanation and workaround, in order to get it fixed.