VOX opened fine yesterday. Today it will not open


Hello, I have a Macbook Pro made in 2013 with Intel processor and the OS is Big Sur 11.6.7 which was downloaded and installed last week. Yesterday I used VOX and it opened fine. Today, when I click on the icon in the dock to open it, it bounces a few times, but won’t open. I tried reinstalling the program, but the same thing happens. I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem or knows of a fix.

Thank you for your help.


Try launching while disconnected from the Internet.
If successful, re-connect to the Internet while VOX is open, sign out, then sign back in again.


Thanks for the message. It didn’t work, but I deleted both versions of the program including the icons from the dock and then downloaded again from my APP program. It now works. Maybe something was corrupted and I needed to completely delete before downloading again…

If only everything was this easy.