Vox folder not showing up for Airdrop



I recently downloaded the Vox app because I heard I could just AirDrop folders of FLAC albums from my laptop to my iPhone. When I send a folder through, and receive it on my phone, there is no folder labeled Vox to add it to.

VLC shows up, but Vox doesn’t. Is this a bug with the new MacOS or iPhone OS? I was told I didn’t need to plug my phone in to do the manual file sharing. The AirDrop feature is why I downloaded the app.



Transferring files over AirDrop is a very rapid way to transfer your music to VOX app. However, folders are not allowed, you need to transfer audio files to get them to VOX.

Here you can find some additional options of getting your music to VOX on iOS: HowTo Upload music to iPhone iPad


So where do I add the files after the airdrop? Everything is sent over fine, I just have no place to add the files on my phone once they’ve arrived.