VOX 2.7 Bug: Next button broken


Bug Report: Next button no longer works.

It appears to have been wired to the previous button.

Holding the mouse down to seek through the track still works. But clicking to goto the next rack does not.


Thank You for Your feedback.
Is shuffle enabled? Remember - Next button is to move in queue, not collection. IF queue is shuffled - You will move to next track that is after current in queue, not collection You started playing!



Interesting enough, I just updated to 2.7 on my home machine and the next button appears to be working fine. The only difference in the updates was that VOX on the work machine prompted for the update and appeared to only download about 3M. Where as on the home machine I could not find a check for updates menu item or button so I downloaded and installed the full package.



Downloading and installing the whole package anew is preferable since we detected that partial update does not work quite good for many users.


Thanks for your report!