Updating Vox Library Metadata?


Hello. I’ve been a subscriber since February but haven’t really delved too far into Vox because I wasn’t comfortable with of the way library information is displayed in the Vox player or on the website (where I can really only seem to get a list of my most recently uploaded tracks and the stats for my library).

Poking around more today, I get the impression that once I upload a track, there is no way to alter how it displays in Vox. This is concerning to me as I acquire music regularly in my work and don’t always want to take the time to correct the metadata before listening to it. The reasons for this are varied. Sometimes it is a function of needing to hear the files quickly, but more often than not, I’ll need to have heard it and digested it a few times before I know how I truly want to label the track. I also receive a lot of material that has not been commercially released and often need to update artwork later.

Please see the attached screen grab as an example of the way a file might be labelled when I receive it, which I would want to correct if I opt to keep the tracks in my library.

Is there a method to correct and/or update metadata without having to re-upload the files with the metadata just as I desire it?

Thanks so much!



Hi Derek!

Thanks for reaching out here!

Unfortunately, there is no such feature introduced in VOX player yet! You would need to delete and re-upload your music files to make your new id3 tags read and displayed by VOX.

Also, I suggest you may find this topic helpful: How to tag files properly

Please don`t hesitate to contact us directly - https://vox.rocks/support


In oct 18, you said YET, what about now in March 2020?