Sonos grouped rooms not showing in VOX, unable to switch Sonos Rooms in VOX


This appears to be your answer for everything Sonos related. Why don’t you try and get Vox to actually work with Sonos on a reliable basis



The thing is that we need to know all the conditions in order to reproduce the happing using our hardware and get to the root of the problem.

Additionally, we can provide you with some basic hints, but we would need to have the complete information about the case to do that.

Thanks for understanding.


I am having the exact same problem.
iPhone X, iOS 12.1.3, Sonos 10.0 Build 48.2.61220, Vox 2.3.7

Please advise.


We would suggest following:

*Re-creating a pair and refreshing all SONOS connection (Outputs > Sonos app (Client) ).

*Reach all outputs and paired outputs using SONOS native app on your iOS device.

*Start VOX and check output list to see all outputs available.

Also, you may try to turn your internet off, but WIFI should still be working, to check if you see a SONOS speaker with internet disabled.


Same issue here and the proposed solution isn’t working. I also have the same issue on the macos latest vox application. Could you please help ? Do you confirm that on your own tests everything is working fine with the latest updates from Sonos ? Thanks. BTW, this is the main reason for purchasing Vox : the link with Sonos. Thanks for the udpates.


I tried all the suggestions. Nothing works. Every time I go to outputs in Vox is shows a different Sonos zone. I have 4 zones but only 1 random zone displays in Vox. And now, even when I choose that zone nothing plays. Sonos works perfectly with everything but Vox. And for me too, the Sonos link is my main reason for purchasing Vox Premium. Please advise.


I have exactly the same manifestation always only 1 Sonos speaker that appears randomly. Even if selected, the selected speaker can then disappear. Please advise.


VOX support: we need some advice and a solution to this issue! Please help!


Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the details shared with us!

All notifications were passed to the dev. team.

Can you please share a few more details about the issue or catch it on the screen recording?

  • How many active Sonos outputs do you have in your set up?
  • Does this problem happens only to paired speakers?
  • Are there some speakers that have never appeared in VOX? Or do all of them appear, but one after another and only one speaker in the moment of time?
  • We would be glad if you can share some steps for our QA to reproduce “the changing” of the Sonos outputs listed in VOX or catch it on the screen recording?

We will try to reproduce this behavior using our hardware and locate the issue to fix it as soon as possible.



Thanks for the response. I am now running Vox 2.3.8 and Sonos 10.0.2

I have 4 Sonos outputs.
I only tried to use a single Sonos output because that was all that was displayed. And now I get zero Sonos outputs to choose from. It is as if Sonos does not exist.
Yes, there were Sonos speakers that never appeared in Vox. Of the 4 Sonos outputs only 3 ever appeared, and then it was only one at a time. There were times that it would change which one appeared within a matter of minutes.
I would love to share some screen captures but I do not get ANY Sonos outputs to appear now.
I have even changed the Sonos channel and it has made no difference.
Thank you.



Good news!

The hot fix is already underway. Just wait for 2.3.9 to become avalibale in AppStore.


Thanks for the quick reply and update. Can’t wait!


Vox support: when should we expect to see v2.3.9 that you say will solve the Sonos problem? Its been 2 weeks since you said its coming and over 4 months since the problem was reported. Thats 1/3 of a year of our premium subscription wasted! Please advise. Thanks



Good news!

Seems like our dev. team did a great job fixing a bundle of bugs and the 2.3.9 should be available in a few days. We need to finish testing and submit the 2.3.9 version of VOX app to review in the App Store.

Keep the fingers crossed!


Hey everyone!

iOS version with Sonos fix is already available in AppStore!

Looking forward to your feedback!


Seems like the Sonos fix works, although it seems I have to set the desired Sonos source in the Sonos app first. Still testing. That’s the good news, bad news is it appears 2.3.9 has broken the Apple Watch app. Now, when I use Vox, I get the orange circle with 3 bars in the top of the Apple Watch (no Vox watch app displays) and when I tap on it it briefly shows the Vox app and says there is no current track, even though a track is playing in Vox on my iPhone. Any ideas?



Thanks for your report.

We are aware of this issue, our dev. team is working to get it fixed ASAP. Sorry for temporary difficulties.


Version 2.3.10 still has this problem. Any idea when it will be fixed? Controlling VOX from my watch is very useful. Thanks


Sonos sources no longer appearing in Vox Premium. I have iPhone X with most updated iOS, Vox 2.3.10 and Sonos 10.1.2. All 4 of my Sonos sources no longer appear. They appeared in Vox 2.3.9 but with the most recent updates to both Vox and Sonos, nothing! This is terribly frustrating and is eating away at my Vox Premium subscription. Please finally get this fixed right. Thanks.


Hi Everyone!

Our dev. team is currently working to develop an update with this fix on both platforms - iOS + macOS.

Sonos will be working fine again already in the next versions of VOX app for both iOS and macOS + a couple of new fixes for SONOS from our dev. team!

We hope to release and share a DMG for macOS systems via our website, as soon as possible.

Also, updated iOS\MAS versions will be available in AppStore soon after they pass the review.

I will keep you updated.