Sonos grouped rooms not showing in VOX, unable to switch Sonos Rooms in VOX


Sonos sources no longer appearing in Vox Premium. I have iPhone X with most updated iOS, Vox 2.3.10 and Sonos 10.1.2. All 4 of my Sonos sources no longer appear. They appeared in Vox 2.3.9 but with the most recent updates to both Vox and Sonos, nothing! This is terribly frustrating and is eating away at my Vox Premium subscription. Please finally get this fixed right. Thanks.


Hi Everyone!

Our dev. team is currently working to develop an update with this fix on both platforms - iOS + macOS.

Sonos will be working fine again already in the next versions of VOX app for both iOS and macOS + a couple of new fixes for SONOS from our dev. team!

We hope to release and share a DMG for macOS systems via our website, as soon as possible.

Also, updated iOS\MAS versions will be available in AppStore soon after they pass the review.

I will keep you updated.


Thanks for the update! Any word on a time table for the Apple Watch fix? That still doesn’t work!


This fix will be coming in the next iteration too.


Good news, thanks. Any idea of when we should expect to see these fixes?


Upgraded to Vox 2.3.11 and Sonos 10.1.2. Running iOS 12.2 on iPhone X. I have 4 Sonos sources. Vox STILL DOES NOT WORK RIGHT WITH SONOS. Sometimes all the Sonos sources show up on the output devices screen and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes all 4 show up and sometimes only 2-3. I can select one of the Sonos sources and it “highlights in orange” but it won’t play. It doesn’t matter which source I select. It will highlight but not play. Gee whiz! This has been a consistent problem since at least December. You gotta get it fixed. Please advise.