Sonos grouped rooms not showing in VOX, unable to switch Sonos Rooms in VOX


On iPhone 10 with latest OS, latests Sonos and VOX apps, Sonos grouped rooms are not showing up at all in VOX (Playing song, … , Monitor , Output devices: only shows phone in airplay).

On same screen, if I do not have the grouped rooms, only one shows up. Regardless of what I select in Sonos, the same room shows up in VOX under output devices. I have not found a way to switch rooms in VOX. Tried force quitting apps, restarting phone, all sorts of sequences, but nothing will change the room in VOX.

Please advise on way of making this work. Playing FLAC on Sonos is THE reason I bought the premium version.



Thanks for your notification!

Please share what your OS, Sonos firmware and VOX versions are?

Do you have the most recent update via Sonos controller installed? Did you try to reach the grouped outputs with Sonos native app, and check if they are avaliable in VOX?