Sonos grouped rooms not showing in VOX, unable to switch Sonos Rooms in VOX


On iPhone 10 with latest OS, latests Sonos and VOX apps, Sonos grouped rooms are not showing up at all in VOX (Playing song, … , Monitor , Output devices: only shows phone in airplay).

On same screen, if I do not have the grouped rooms, only one shows up. Regardless of what I select in Sonos, the same room shows up in VOX under output devices. I have not found a way to switch rooms in VOX. Tried force quitting apps, restarting phone, all sorts of sequences, but nothing will change the room in VOX.

Please advise on way of making this work. Playing FLAC on Sonos is THE reason I bought the premium version.



Thanks for your notification!

Please share what your OS, Sonos firmware and VOX versions are?

Do you have the most recent update via Sonos controller installed? Did you try to reach the grouped outputs with Sonos native app, and check if they are avaliable in VOX?


This appears to be your answer for everything Sonos related. Why don’t you try and get Vox to actually work with Sonos on a reliable basis



The thing is that we need to know all the conditions in order to reproduce the happing using our hardware and get to the root of the problem.

Additionally, we can provide you with some basic hints, but we would need to have the complete information about the case to do that.

Thanks for understanding.


I am having the exact same problem.
iPhone X, iOS 12.1.3, Sonos 10.0 Build 48.2.61220, Vox 2.3.7

Please advise.


We would suggest following:

*Re-creating a pair and refreshing all SONOS connection (Outputs > Sonos app (Client) ).

*Reach all outputs and paired outputs using SONOS native app on your iOS device.

*Start VOX and check output list to see all outputs available.

Also, you may try to turn your internet off, but WIFI should still be working, to check if you see a SONOS speaker with internet disabled.


Same issue here and the proposed solution isn’t working. I also have the same issue on the macos latest vox application. Could you please help ? Do you confirm that on your own tests everything is working fine with the latest updates from Sonos ? Thanks. BTW, this is the main reason for purchasing Vox : the link with Sonos. Thanks for the udpates.


I tried all the suggestions. Nothing works. Every time I go to outputs in Vox is shows a different Sonos zone. I have 4 zones but only 1 random zone displays in Vox. And now, even when I choose that zone nothing plays. Sonos works perfectly with everything but Vox. And for me too, the Sonos link is my main reason for purchasing Vox Premium. Please advise.