Ram used with VOX media buttons extension



I launched VOX with the media button and after a few hours, i noticed my computer was running slow...
After opening the Activity Monitor, i saw than the preference panel extension was using 3 Go of Memory !!!

So i think that they might be some memory leak involved.

What do you think ?

My specs:
- Macbook Pro 2014 Retina 15
- 16 Go of RAM
- Yosemite installed


PS: I didn't think to take a picture but i will if this happen in the futur again.


Hi Yann,

That is weird - if such thing happens again, please provide us with the screenshots of the Activity Monitor.

Thanks! Have a nice day.


I am having a similar issue. Same spec macbook - on mine however the CPU starts to climb to the point where the fans are on, and VOX Media buttons are taking about 120% CPU. Eventually it shuts down, but it is consistently happening, even when I am not listening to music.


I have MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014), 8GB and the same issue. Here’s a short video showing the options selected and what happens to the memory usage: https://img.in6k.com/screens/screencastzokz120190109141358.mp4

Upd: I observe this behaviour persistently for Vox version 3.3.7.



We got some good news - VOX Media Buttons has a fresh update!

Go to “System Preferences” > “VOX Preferences” and press Check for Updates!

Here is more information - VOX: Media Buttons