Play all songs in Loop


How do I shuffle play all my songs in Loop?! Both on the Mac and iPhone!


I can shuffle songs within an album, but it's not clear how I can shuffle songs in mutiple albums!?



Thanks for writing in!

Currently you can shuffle songs only within the album.

How critical is this for you?


It's easy on iPhone - select Loop ON in Visibility settings in Library, then, again in Library, scroll all the way up till "Play All Music/Shuffle all music" strokes appear. Then, tap what You need.


Thanks for the info! How about on the Mac?!


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It is VERY critical!
I want to random-play my entire Loop collection while on Vox on Mac.
Not merely single albums.
I can shuffle all music in my Loop on iOS
but not on Vox Mac OS X.
And I know I can create a playlist or collection in Vox Mac and random play it.
But a "Shuffle All Music" button in the Loop tab in Vox Mac would be ideal!


Very critical! As that’s my prefer way of playing my collection of songs!


Absolutely agree!!


Soundguy was absolutely right, in Library view you may scroll all the way up till "Play All Music/Shuffle all music" strokes appear.

Please let us know if you were able to find it.


I don't see the option to do this on the desktop version; I would also like this.


Can’t locate that!?


It's only possible on the iOS at this point.

We will add such option to VOX for Mac soon, thanks!


Still can not find this button... That's a pitty, because Vox is genial player...


Any news about this feature in the Mac version?


We have it on our to-do list but no ETA for it yet.

Thanks for your understanding!


What does it take to move this up in priority? Just paid for a yearly subscription and I’m sure lots of users would like to see this implemented ASAP!


It would require us to finish with current tasks asap.

Thanks for your understanding on this matter!


I can vouch that this is essential for using vox as a music player. I also was wondering is it possible to organize music by file type for ex. organize by flac vs mp3 or aflac?

Thank you


Thanks for your feedback, Ryan!

We'll come up with such sorting option in future.