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I see this still hasn't been accomplished. VOX is great in concept but not very intuitive to use. I love its capability but cringe at doing simple things, like wanting to random shuffle all my songs. It does this in iOS, although it's not intuitive to figure out either (but I got it working). Also, in my car, it doesn't display the album cover or the album name on the screen, even though it is clearly in the database. It just says unknown album. That is also irritating. You are almost driving me back to iTunes with this lack of support for things that should be basic, like displaying album info and shuffling all songs.


Hey Janos,
totally understand your concern. We understand that it's not exactly what you want, but you can use some sort of life hack for playing all Music:
select all Music by cmd+A and choose 'Play Next' from the context menu. After you do, all your Music will be added into Queue.

Can you please provide us with information what kind of connection you use in the car? So we can investigate this behavior more detailed.

Waiting for your reply!


Hi thanks for the hack. Seems like you could use that to develop a solution fairly easily...

The car entertainment system is intellilink infotainment system which comes standard in many GMC vehicles in the US.

Thank you.

Janos Gaspar

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Thanks for the information!
We'll try to investigate it.

Stay tuned!


Tried the hack and it crashed the system. Tried it again and it loaded all the music but it was loaded alphabetically by album. Shuffle is ON but nothing appears to be shuffled in the Queue. So is there another trick to shuffling what is in the queue?


What source are you trying, iTunes, LOOP? And how large is that Library?

Lets try another one trick:

cmd+A > context menu: Add to Collection > Playlist

That should works with Shuffle as well.


I will try that. Thank you for your responsiveness. I am using only LOOP and I have 1222 albums and nearly 15,000 songs.


Write us how it goes :)


This Shuffle All Songs hack does not work (Vox version 2.8.8). Select ALL, add to Queue works, but with Shuffle icon toggled, songs do not play in shuffle mode!


Just checked it and it works. Although there is a precondition - You should enable shuffle first and then press CMD+A
Also, be aware that tracks will be added to default playlist not shuffled, but they are shuffled in Queue.