Organising music files by song name


Arrgh, I switched to VOX as there were good reviews but after less than a couple of days ,I’m already wishing I hadn’t (should have read these comments first)!!

I have a library of over 1500 music backing tracks (I’m a singer) and I need to be able to sort by song title so I can find what I’m looking for quickly - especially important if I’m on stage at the time! To be able to sort is a fairly basic function that even iTunes can manage …

On my first attempt, I uploaded a trial section of files (about 200), the list was totally random, so I deleted everything to start again. I thought maybe it was a premium feature, so I upgraded. Then I made a complete set of copy files, organised everything alphabetically in a single folder on my desktop, and then re-imported it into VOX for a second time.

This time, VOX has randomly split the tracks into 4 separate folders and there’s even less order within each of those than the first time!! Arghhhh, I’m extremely frustrated and would be extremely grateful to anyone who can help me, please??