Keeping VOX cloud in sync with music libraries and universal access



I am so happy to have found VOX for my high definition audio needs! I just have a couple of questions:

  1. How may I keep my VOX cloud in sync with my other music libraries? Example: Let’s say I transfer my entire Apple Music (iTunes) library to the VOX cloud, then decide to purchase the latest Miley Cyrus hits from the iTunes store. I want to listen to my favorite high definition gumball pop while hang gliding, so I need to sync the latest tracks from my general library to the VOX cloud. Is there a mechanism for this without drag/dropping the entire library every time there is a change?

  2. I have joined the rest of the human population in deciding to move away from Apple products and services. Even though I have been an Apple customer for decades, these days, Apple is in my house 24 hours a day sifting through my most personal files, examining my documents, email and text messages, calendar events, GPS and call logs, etc. They also digitally examine every photo I take to determine what types of objects are depicted, and the people I associate with, and in what manner. As a general practice, I refrain from paying corporations thousands of dollars to snoop around my personal files and sell the information to other corporations, so obviously, I can’t have any of that. My question is: After I ceremoniously set fire to all of my Apple products in a cleansing ritual, How will I be able to listen to my prized high definition VOX music library on my new computer and telephone?

Thank you, VOX. You guys kick serious ass, and I really do mean that!



Thanks for reaching out!

Yes, there is a such mechanism in VOX Music Player. You would need to set a Watch Folder: VOX > Preferences…> VOX Cloud > Watch Folder: Add… > Choose the directory via dialog window > Open

Once done you should see this dir to appear on the list of the watched folders in Preferences.

Yes, we are looking forward to releasing VOX Universal app on both Windows and Android platforms in the nearest future.

Actually, we’ve already started the open beta testing of the VOX Universal on Windows and macOS platforms.

You can find some more information and the most recent beta builds here: