iTunes library not showing up


So I just heard about Vox and I’m trying to sync Soundcloud, Spotify, and iTunes… all work fine except iTunes is nowhere to be found. I initially setup Vox on the wrong iTunes account where I have no music, but then changed the account on my phone. Still nothing showed up. I then deleted the app and re-installed it. I went though the setup and sync process again, but still no iTunes library. This was the only reason I wanted Vox… am I doing something wrong? Why won’t it sync my iTunes library?



Thanks for your post!

Do you iTunes library consist of the music files, provided as part of Apple Music subscription on iTunes Match? Literally, do they have DRM?

Are those files are listed in some other music app, like VLC?


They are all paid for iTunes songs. I do not have an Apple Music subscription.



Are those music tracks are downloaded on your iOS device?

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