iTunes library not showing in full in Vox


All songs in iTunes account do not appear in vox in


Thanks for your post!

Are those songs are stored locally on your iOS device? Are those tracks provided as a part of Apple Music sub?

We would appreciate all the details possible about the music tracks missing to get it working properly.


For instance, Bruce Springsteen, Born In The USA only has one track showing. All of my music is in my iTunes account and is available on all my devices.
Also Michael Kiwanuka, the album by same name, only 2 tracks showing.
There may be others.
I also pay for iTunes Match so that my music is available on all my devices.


So any answers, please?


If I don’t get a reply within next 24 hours I will be cancelling my subscription!


Thanks for your reply!

The iTunes Match service might be in charge for that, however, if you manage to import your music library using one of the options listed below, we can ensure that VOX will be able to get the files: HowTo Upload music to iPhone iPad


I have the exact same problem. My itunes library is almost 200G and my FLAC library is approximately 120G. Ive now uploaded over 85g to the Vox Cloud but NONE of it is making its way onto the IOS app, which is very frustrating.