Is Vox cloud server down?



I am unable to upload new tracks as of this morning… Is the server down? Vox Agent says “Syncing with server…”


Did it ever work well? I just got the VOX premium and am disappointed as the sync server works like shit.


It’s working, but it’s tremendously slow. My internet connection is 100 mbit/s and is stable. My music library is around 200 GB. Still, this should not be reason why search queries take half a minute to get search results.


Vox takes minutes to load a song lately. It’s hapenning all the time in the last month. Could it be cloud service? Using Vox 3.5.5 on Mac OS 13.3.1 / Apple M1 Max. Was working fine with the same Vox version, same mac OS version and same computer before.


Having exactly the same problem for the last few days. Have written to support but no reply,


The problem still persists on my laptop. Any ideas how to resolve?


Same old problem back again, endless buffering. Opened a helpdesk ticket, fairly futile thing tgo do as haven’t had a reply to helpdesk ticket from vox for a few years now


Thanks for reporting, our will check the servers!

Our tech. specialist will contact you individually to make sure the problem is gone, and everything works fine for you.


Vox has been working very poorly for a few months now. It is constantly freezing and not playing tracks from my uploaded library. I am willing to be patient because you are in Ukraine and hope you are all still alive. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve the current performance. Again, it freezes constantly and won’t play tracks in my cloud library. Thank you.


We are sorry to hear about the ongoing issues you’ve been experiencing with Vox and we greatly appreciate your understanding regarding the situation in Ukraine.

Despite all the difficulties, the keeps on working every day. They are still dealing with the routing task, updating the serverside stack to minimize the load, etc.

According to our metrics, the majority of bugs causing the freezes or uploading errors are fixed by now.

If some issues persist, it might be helpful to contact our support team directly: at

They would ask you to share some specific details and may be aware of any known issues that are affecting users.

Again, I appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with.