Is Vox cloud server down?



I am unable to upload new tracks as of this morning… Is the server down? Vox Agent says “Syncing with server…”


Did it ever work well? I just got the VOX premium and am disappointed as the sync server works like shit.


It’s working, but it’s tremendously slow. My internet connection is 100 mbit/s and is stable. My music library is around 200 GB. Still, this should not be reason why search queries take half a minute to get search results.


Vox takes minutes to load a song lately. It’s hapenning all the time in the last month. Could it be cloud service? Using Vox 3.5.5 on Mac OS 13.3.1 / Apple M1 Max. Was working fine with the same Vox version, same mac OS version and same computer before.


Having exactly the same problem for the last few days. Have written to support but no reply,


The problem still persists on my laptop. Any ideas how to resolve?