iPhone 12 Mini Safe Area not respected



On my iPhone 12 Mini the VOX app is displayed from the very top of the screen,
underneath the notch.
Could you check this issue?

iOS: 14.2.1
VOX: 2.5.4
Display Zoom: Standard


Thanks for reporting!

Yes, sure!

May I ask you to provide us with some screenshots to indicate the issue?


Sure, this is what it looks like:


Same issue.
Hope this can get fixed soon


I hope this is fixed. It’s haunting my mini too.


Yes, a fix has been introduced in the most recent version of the VOX app!

You can download the most recent version in App Store: https://apps.apple.com/app/apple-store/id916215494

Tell us how it goes!


Is the update live or is it waiting to be approved?


It has been available in the AppStore https://apps.apple.com/app/apple-store/id916215494 for a week or so.


I’m afraid I have been waiting for the update but cannot see the new update on my 12 mini US Appstore. The last update says 1month ago.


Thanks for your reply!

Are you still having mentioned layout issue with the most recent version of the VOX app installed on your iPhone 12 mini?
What iOS version is installed on your iPhone?


I have Vox 2.5.6, which is the latest version according to the appstore on iOS 14.3 and updating to 14.4 did not change anything.


Are you still experiencing some of the layout issues mentioned above?

May I ask you to take a screenshot of what are you referring to?


Yes, the UI is placed way up so that the notch of the device covers a significant part of it.


Where is the version info in my iPhone VOX app? I’d like to verify which version I’m using. I’ve got an iPhone 10 and the VOX app display overlaps the cutout at the top as well.


You can check the current version of the app in Main Menu:

May I ask you to share your current iOS and VOX`s versions for the report?


This is not displayed in the present VOX version on my iPhone XR, iOS 14.4. Which version of VOX was this feature added to?


It has been there since the early beginning! . Try to drag the bottom card to see it, like this:



iOS VOX 2.5.6 same issue.
12 mini 14.4


Just rechecked US App Store. No updates available.
12mini has been released for 6 months, and Mobile VOX still not compatible with this model.
What happened?


Confirming this issue is still present