iPhone 12 Mini Safe Area not respected


Thanks for reporting!

May I ask you to share some details about your device model, iOS and VOX app`s versions?
A screenshot to indicate the the layout issue would be also appreciated.


Hi, I’m using the latest VOX for iOS on my iPhone 12 Mini but the same issue still exists.

iOS 14.5.1 / VOX 2.6 (2603)


Using latest version of VOX.
And have this issue too.
iPhone 12 mini.


Thanks for your reports! We really appreciate your proactivity!

Our dev.team is trying to figure out the reason for that happening.

Unfortunately, this issue is really hard to reproduce via the Xcode simulator, which complicates the fixes to be developed. We literally see everything to be fine in the simulator using iPhone 12 mini, so we are running blind.

That is the main reason for the fix to take so long, hence, you can expect the dev.team to keep up investigating and trying to get it fixed until it is done!

We appreciate your patience on this matter.


Just to add some extra detail, the position of time bars (“Last Week”, “Last Month”) seems are in the right place but the top bar is not, which cause the time bars “floating” under the top bar, I have attached an screenshot of this.


Just update to the newly released version 2.6.2
This problem still persists


I also have this issue on iPhone mini 12 with iOS 14.8


On iOS 15 Public Release this problem still exists.

The status bar disappears every time the main menu is closed.

This issue has been for more than half a year. Should be fixed hopefully…


This is an expected behaviour.


I also have this issue on iPhone mini 12 with iOS 14.8

This is going to be fixed.


I’ve only just signed up for Vox premium…seems that there are a host of rather irritating problems and they aren’t getting fixed very quickly. Is the only role of support to request app versions and then say, “it’s going to get fixed”?
I’m regretting Vox premium already and I’ve only had it for 6 hours.


The issue persists on VOX 2.6.4 and iOS 15.1.1.


Thanks for reporting.

Hopefully we will finally get rid of this issue in the future updates.


The problem still exists on iphone 12 mini with ios 15.2.


Experiencing the same problem with iPhone 13 mini , iOS 15.2 ,VOX 2.6.7.


Are there any plans to fix this? It’s still an issue on iPhone 12 mini, iOS 15.3, Vox 2.6.8


Seeing “Fixed some layout issues for iPhone 12 mini” in the latest (2.7) release note, however the issue still persists on my phone (iOS 15.5).


Issue is still here on latest version even on 13 Pro Max.


I’m also experiencing this issue on the iPhone 12 mini, with the latest version of iOS 16.1 and Vox 2.7.9. It’s been a very, very long time.


It’s 2023. iPhone 13 mini, latest iOS 16.2, just downloaded Vox so that’s latest too, the issue still persists.
I’m honestly dissapointed. I’ve been looking for Hi-Fi players for such a long time and everytime there’s something that irritates me.
Now I found the perfect player that’s Vox and I’m so damn close to subscribing. I don’t care, I’d sub for 2 years cuz why not. But now I’m seeing this issue persist for such a long time I’m kinda worried…