iOS app constantly crashes when using Bluetooth


Just like the title. When using Bluetooth like a Bluetooth dac/amp, headphones the app plays for about 30 seconds before crashing. This has only occurred recently but it is suddenly occurring constantly despite me having used the same devices for months without issue.


Thanks for reporting!

What VOX + OS versions are you referring to?
What music source do you use for streaming purposes when VOX app crashes?
Does the crash still persist w\o Bluetooth streaming?

I would need to ask you to provide us with step by step description of what had been done before app crashes, so I could pass it to the QA team and get this issue reproduced in our conditions.

Thanks in advance!


Hello sorry for my super late response.

Currently using iOS 13.4.1. Vox app on iOS is up to date. I stream a variety of codecs but mostly flax, this issue occurs when streaming cloud files as well as local files, doesn’t seem to matter what codec.

If I stream files from the cloud to Bluetooth, it will play for almost exactly 60 seconds, but sometimes music will play for longer. I can never get through an entire song without it crashing. This occurs whether the screen is locked or if the app is running in the background. Currently running in iPhone 11. This issue doesn’t occur when NOT using Bluetooth.

I did a recording of my screen managing to capture the issue, but you won’t be able to hear audio. I will upload and link here shortly.


Please see this link to recordings of the app crashing


Have uninstalled and reinstalled but the issue persists.


Thanks for your post!

We would need to know more about your setup, we suppose it is iPhone + BT speaker?
What BT speaker do us use?

Please try to use Keep Screen Awake in VOX > Settings and start playback using the Bluetooth output to check if it will work OK in this conditions?


Hi thank you for getting back to me! So the issue occurs without pretty much 100% consistency when I connect bluetooth in my car, and when using bluetooth DAC’s such as my Fiio BTR5. This is on the latest version of iOS on an iPhone 11. If I do not use Bluetooth the app always runs perfectly. I will trey the Keep Screen Awake setting you mentioned and report back if I have any different results.


Update: no difference, app stalls after a moment of use and then crashes.


Replying again in the hope of a solution or update. I’ve tried searching and can’t find other Vox users having the same issue. The app barely functions when connected to a bluetooth devices, sometimes it hangs momentarily and I can’t use it for a while, sometimes it works for a few minutes but sooner or later it crashes. This only occurs when suing Bluetooth and it doesn’t matter what device I use.


Thanks for following up!

May I ask you to describe the setup you are currently using, so we could simulate the setup in our test conditions and try to reproduce the crash?


As I said in my last message this occurs constantly with Bluetooth devices such as my car or Fiio BTR5. The app is even worse since I first posted, after opening it will run smoothly for about 30-60 seconds before crashing, even when I’m not playing music or even connected to a Bluetooth device. I’ve done some tests and even trying to play music while having Bluetooth switched on causes the app to crash. This is making the app borderline unusable at the moment.


Streaming flacs either locally or from the cloud doesn’t make any difference. Even if I’m not playing any music the app crashes. Simply having Bluetooth switched on breaks the app completely. I’ve just tried uninstalling a second time and will report back if there’s any difference.


Last night I uninstalled/reinstalled and it worked flawlessly all night. The next day I try again and it’s crashing again. No explanation. I’m at a loss for what is causing it.


Can confirm this issue is not Bluetooth exlusive. Just did some tests with Bluetooth switched off completely and the app still crashes. App is completely unusable.


I am also having this problem as of today, on ios 13.6. I had the problem before I updated the OS. I am using bluetooth but it happens wired aswell. Did you ever find a solution or will I have to drop Vox?


I’m also experiencing crashes like this. Wasn’t a problem until recently (past few weeks?) but it renders the app completely unusable for me. iOS 13.6. Hoping for a solution sometime soon.


Thanks god it’s not just me, it’s doing my head in. Uninstalled and reinstalled countless times.


Ok so it’s taken me ages but I’ve figured it out. This crash is caused by adding iTunes access to vox in iOS. That’s it. I have nearly 100gb of old music on my phone that I like to be able to play locally, CD rips. Old MP3’s etc.

When I just use vox cloud library I have no issues, but once I give Vox access to my “iTunes library” on iOS THIS is what causes the crashes. Even if I disable the iTunes library feature it still shits the bed after half a minute of playback.

Seems annoying that I had to figure this out. Not a crucial feature but still a shame I can’t use Vox and my main music player and I’m switching between this and Apple Music. Hopefully a fix for this arises. If I don’t get a reply I will make a new thread.

App keeps crashing after 1 min

Thanks for your post and for the information shared.

Our is working on it, hopefully, they will be able to get it fixed ASAP.


No worries guys, thanks so much for your hard work, I love the app. Look forward to an update.