iOS app constantly crashes when using Bluetooth


Just echoing that this is the exact problem I just had. Since Apple basically forces you to sync your Music app with the cloud in order to use Apple Music fully, not syncing is not an option really. I also have years worth of music on my main computer and in my apple library that I’d prefer to be able to use through VOX but I just had to reinstall the app and not activate access to my Music library, because it kept crashing once I turned on library sync in Apple Music.


I nearly switched to Tidal if I’m being honest. But Vox IS a good app and Tidal doesn’t offer music locker features. if I can convince Apple to create a hi-fi tier for Apple Music I will be set for life.


Thanks for your posts!

Our highly prioritize this bug and working on getting it fixed in the upcoming versions of the VOX app.

Actually, we’ve already fixed some of the crashes related to this issue, unfortunately, we didn`t manage to fix everything in 2.5.3, but you may expect more fixes in the new version!

If you would like to help our dev. team and provide us with useful information, don`t hesitate to reach our tech. support desk directly.

Finally, since this misbehavior is only reproduced while the iTunes source is ON, we would suggest using the VOX Cloud music source!

You can download your music locally for offline playback to avoid extensive LTE data usage.


When you say Vox Cloud service are you referring to Vox Unlimited Music? Because that app doesn’t work at all on iOS, or I don’t know how to use it. I can’t login to my Premium account on there. I currently use Vox to cloud store and download all my lossless material.


This is still an issue in June 2021 - having experienced this problem since I purchased the app a couple of years ago and consequently ended up using the app infrequently I tried again this morning only for the same problem to recur - music switching off after a minute or so - having paid to renew the app I thought I’d better at least read the thread - I displayed the iTunes button and then…the music switched off after a minute - can anyone help - I’m using an iPad